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Glee Fashion: American Apparel

Glee’s costume designers are well-known for creating unique looks for each character and shopping at specific stores when creating the perfect gleeky look. One of their favorite places to shop is American Apparel, which has been featured on many different episodes and characters. Read on for information about some of my favorite American Apparel pieces that our favorite New Directions members have been sporting, as well as how to get your own!


aa board shorts

While posing for the Men of McKinley Calendar in the ‘Naked’ episode, Sam wore the Polyester Micro-Fiber Board Shorts in red. Although Sam used these for creating his own version of Magic Mike, these shorts are perfect for a day at the beach or lounging by the pool. Best of all, the shorts come in a variety of colors so you create your own special look and match with any of your favorite shirts!

In the same episode, Sam is also seen wearing the California Sleeveless Zip Hoodie in black while he and the New Directions’ boys perform their ‘Hot In Herre/Centerfold’ mash-up. The sleeveless hoodie is also a favorite of Mike Chang, who has worn this while teaching dance moves to his fellow glee clubbers. I love the versatility of the sleeveless zip hoodie because you can pair it with any shirt and create something really neat. It’s also the perfect thing to wear while you work out!


aa blaine shirt

No one can forget that iconic moment of Glee’s fourth season premiere when Blaine, after encouraging Kurt to move to New York and follow his dreams, performed It’s Time in the perfect send-off. To make it even better Blaine performed in style, wearing the Plaid Short-Sleeve Button Down in Navy/Purple Window Check. Shirts like these are a true style staple because their versatility allows them to be paired with almost anything, whether that be a vest, cardigan, or jacket.


aa beret

Our favorite diva, Rachel Berry, is also a big fan of American Apparel. Throughout the seasons Miss Berry has sported the American Apparel Unisex Wool Beret in white, navy and black. Much like all American Apparel clothes, they can be mix and matched with whatever you have on — making it perfect for our lead heroine’s ever-changing wardrobe!

Stay tuned for more Glee fashion posts and keep your eyes peeled for more American Apparel clothing and accesories on Glee!


Glee Fashion: Kurt’s Built For Man Havana Henley


Kurt has always been known for his eccentric and groundbreaking men’s fashion, as well as for being an arbiter of all that is good, and his transition to NYADA student was certainly no exception to that! During his chat with new crush Adam, Kurt can be seen sporting a very cool shirt, the Havana Henley by Built For Man. Not only is the henley a unique piece, the brand also has its own Kurt-like story. Built For Man’s products are all created with environmental and ethical properties to keep a low carbon footprint. To further this mission, all of the company’s clothing are made with natural fibers to create fashion that is both forward and responsible — the perfect fit for someone like Kurt! The clothing is also extremely different and boundary-pushing, which is exactly what Kurt loves, making Built For Man clothing the perfect fit for him!

Built For Man strives to produce high-quality garments and employs artisans in Peruvian villages as part of ‘The Loom Project’ which comprises the company’s woven accessories. Built For Man supplies the yarns and contributes a portion of the looms, allowing the workers to create micro-industries and sustaining ancient weaving techniques. The sales of these items provides the weavers with a family income and brighter future opportunities.

In addition, Built For Man empowers a good societal agenda by empowering the worker to join them in creating a product for the market place. In their latest social project, The Yak Project, the company’s workers went to Nepal and worked with the Nepalese to creating Christmas ornaments. Customers can be sure that their money is well spent, both quality wise and socially-conscious wise.


The Havana Henley, which Kurt wore, is made of 100% pima cotton and the contrasting textured knits make it the perfect fashion-forward shirt for you to channel your own Mr. Hummel with!

I love the socially conscious efforts of Built For Man because it’s so unique and unlike other companies. You can look stylish while helping the world, what could be better? Kurt Elizabeth Hummel would definitely approve.

You can purchase Kurt’s Havana Pima Henley on the Built For Man site or Farfetch.

To view the entire Built For Man fashion collection, you can visit here.

To learn more about Built For Man and its socially conscious efforts, including The Yak Project, you can follow this link.

*Kurt screencap courtesy of screencapped.net*

Glee Fashion: Rachel’s Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring

r hammered band

Rachel’s transition to New York life might have also caused a transition to her wardrobe, but not everything has changed — our favorite diva still loves her ‘bling’! Although Miss Berry has been partial to necklaces as her go-to fashion accessory, she’s added in a beautiful ring to show off her love of jewelry.

This ring, the Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring, is 18 karat gold plated and is completely wearable, whether you’re headed out for a night on the town with your friends, or playing board games with your roommate, just like Rachel! The ring is also a favorite of Lea Michele who portrays Rachel on Glee and she’s worn the ring to various events. In addition, Melinda Maria Jewelry is a favorite among other Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez. Like all Melinda Maria jewelry, the ring is finely crafted and elegant — meaning you’re getting the absolute best!


The people at Melinda Maria provided me with my own Hammered Band Gold Ring and I can attest to how unique and wonderful the ring is. From the box it is delivered in, to the ring itself, you can see the quality and style in the heart and soul of Melinda Maria Jewelry. They aren’t lying when they say you can wear it with absolutely anything — it works with whatever you have on, dressed up or dressed down! The ring is also super affordable, meaning you don’t have to be a celebrity to dress like one! I can guarantee that, just like Rachel’s gold stars, you’ll truly shine when you wear the Hammered Band Gold Ring!

You can purchase your own Hammered Band Gold Ring here

To see the entire Melinda Maria collection visit this link

To learn more about Melinda Maria jewelry click here

Note: Melinda Maria Jewelry provided me with a complimentary Hammered Band Gold Ring for the purposes of this review. However, the opinions expressed within are my own. 

Glee Fashion: Rachel’s PJ Salvage Dottie Flannel PJ Set


Rachel may be ‘torn’ between being her old self (knee socks and all!) or embracing the new Rachel she’s become in the Big Apple, but she’s still portraying both in style! While remembering a time not so long ago when she sang into hairbrushes in her bedroom, Miss Berry is seen wearing the PJ Salvage Dottie Flannel PJs. This pajama set is perfect Old School Berry —  a cozy pajama set complete with polka dots and pink contrast piping, Rachel’s favorite color! These PJs are also super soft, meaning you can lounge around the house, dance around your room, or perform duets with yourself with ease.


The Dottie PJ set is also made of woven cotton flannel, the best material to keep your warm during these cold winter months. Check out the entire list of details about the set:

  • Long sleeve PJ top has full button closure with 4 functional buttons.
  • Front patch pockets at bottom sides for convenience.
  • Pajama bottom has covered elastic waistband with contrast color drawstring and three functional buttons.
  • Contrast color piping along edges of shirt, sleeve hem and bottom of pants.
  • Styled in PJ Salvage’s Boy Fashion Fit.
  • Woven cotton flannel medium weight and warm for cool weather.
  • Perfect for sleep and lounge.

Check out the performance of ‘Torn’ which features Rachel sporting the PJ Salvage Dottie PJ Set:

I’ll be giving away a Dottie Flannel PJ Set in XL courtesy of PJ Salvage on Twitter soon, so be sure to follow me so you can participate in the giveaway! Until then, put on your PJs and start singing!


Glee Fashion: High Cotton Bow Ties and Headbands

Both Blaine and Rachel are well known for their preppy and vintage inspired styles, as well as their unique accessories they use to complete each outfit. Rachel’s signature accessory (until recently) was her trusted headband, while Blaine’s has always been a bow tie.

If you’ve ever wanted to steal the style of Mr. Anderson or Ms. Berry, you’re in luck: you can purchase the same headbands and bow ties seen on Glee from High Cotton Ties! High Cotton Ties is a popular maker of ties, headbands, and more based out of North Carolina, giving their products the perfect Southern charm.

Each tie and headband is handmade and the company is committed to providing excellent quality and service to each customer. In addition, each product is washable so you never have to worry about any messes or spills! There are so many patterns and prints to choose from you’ll have difficulty picking just one of these fabulous bow ties and headbands!

High Cotton Ties prides itself on being fit with Southern style and no truer words have ever been spoken. Every part of High Cotton reflects the class, style, and charm of the company — right down to the box the bow ties are packaged in!





Take a look at two of the bow ties Blaine has worn, the Darden Woolie and the Davidson Houndstooth:

darden woolie

Darden Woolie Bow Tie

davidson houndstooth

Davidson Houndstooth Bow Tie

For female Gleeks, you can purchase the Midnight Pinwale Headband, which we’ve seen on Rachel in the season 4 promo shoot, for your own Berry-inspired ensemble:

Midnight Pinwale Headband

Midnight Pinwale Headband

If you’re a male Rachel fan, you can order the Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie for your own Berry special look!

Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie

Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie

Keep your eyes peeled to Glee for more High Cotton headbands and bow ties — according to Judy Hill, owner and founder of the company, Glee costume designers ordered six bow ties and a dozen headbands from them. You never know when Blaine or Rachel will be sporting another!

For more information on High Cotton Ties, check out the video below: