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Glee Fashion: Rachel’s Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring

r hammered band

Rachel’s transition to New York life might have also caused a transition to her wardrobe, but not everything has changed — our favorite diva still loves her ‘bling’! Although Miss Berry has been partial to necklaces as her go-to fashion accessory, she’s added in a beautiful ring to show off her love of jewelry.

This ring, the Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring, is 18 karat gold plated and is completely wearable, whether you’re headed out for a night on the town with your friends, or playing board games with your roommate, just like Rachel! The ring is also a favorite of Lea Michele who portrays Rachel on Glee and she’s worn the ring to various events. In addition, Melinda Maria Jewelry is a favorite among other Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez. Like all Melinda Maria jewelry, the ring is finely crafted and elegant — meaning you’re getting the absolute best!


The people at Melinda Maria provided me with my own Hammered Band Gold Ring and I can attest to how unique and wonderful the ring is. From the box it is delivered in, to the ring itself, you can see the quality and style in the heart and soul of Melinda Maria Jewelry. They aren’t lying when they say you can wear it with absolutely anything — it works with whatever you have on, dressed up or dressed down! The ring is also super affordable, meaning you don’t have to be a celebrity to dress like one! I can guarantee that, just like Rachel’s gold stars, you’ll truly shine when you wear the Hammered Band Gold Ring!

You can purchase your own Hammered Band Gold Ring here

To see the entire Melinda Maria collection visit this link

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Note: Melinda Maria Jewelry provided me with a complimentary Hammered Band Gold Ring for the purposes of this review. However, the opinions expressed within are my own. 


Glee Fashion: Rachel’s PJ Salvage Dottie Flannel PJ Set


Rachel may be ‘torn’ between being her old self (knee socks and all!) or embracing the new Rachel she’s become in the Big Apple, but she’s still portraying both in style! While remembering a time not so long ago when she sang into hairbrushes in her bedroom, Miss Berry is seen wearing the PJ Salvage Dottie Flannel PJs. This pajama set is perfect Old School Berry —  a cozy pajama set complete with polka dots and pink contrast piping, Rachel’s favorite color! These PJs are also super soft, meaning you can lounge around the house, dance around your room, or perform duets with yourself with ease.


The Dottie PJ set is also made of woven cotton flannel, the best material to keep your warm during these cold winter months. Check out the entire list of details about the set:

  • Long sleeve PJ top has full button closure with 4 functional buttons.
  • Front patch pockets at bottom sides for convenience.
  • Pajama bottom has covered elastic waistband with contrast color drawstring and three functional buttons.
  • Contrast color piping along edges of shirt, sleeve hem and bottom of pants.
  • Styled in PJ Salvage’s Boy Fashion Fit.
  • Woven cotton flannel medium weight and warm for cool weather.
  • Perfect for sleep and lounge.

Check out the performance of ‘Torn’ which features Rachel sporting the PJ Salvage Dottie PJ Set:

I’ll be giving away a Dottie Flannel PJ Set in XL courtesy of PJ Salvage on Twitter soon, so be sure to follow me so you can participate in the giveaway! Until then, put on your PJs and start singing!


The Gleek Connection: Taylor Swift’s RED

Two years ago I did a post on the blog reviewing Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now in which I detailed songs I thought would be absolutely perfect to use on Glee, and which character or couple the song would work best for. Now, Taylor Swift has released a brand new album, RED, and I’m doing the same thing this year to celebrate! Read on for my top RED tracks I’d love to see on Glee — and to see who I think would be absolutely perfect to sing them on the show.

1) Red – Rachel Berry

After Glee’s fourth episode of the season which ended in the demise of our favorite Glee couples, including Finchel, this song would certainly be fitting for Rachel to sing. The song, which details Taylor’s intense love of a boy she just can’t get over would be perfect for Rachel given her very intense history with Finn.

Most Relevant Lyrics: Losing him was blue like I’d never known/Missing him was dark grey, all alone/Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you never met/But loving him was red.

2) I Knew You Were Trouble – Marley Rose and Unique 

The dubstep-infused track on Taylor’s album about being left by a boy she knew was trouble to begin with, and in turn blaming herself for falling in the first place, was practically written for Marley Rose to sing about Jake Puckerman. Not only did Unique warn her of his womanizing ways (complete with a full school-wide montage!) but even she knew Jake was trouble to begin with. Should Jake call it quits on Marley for Kitty or his latest conquest, this would be the absolute perfect song for Marley to sing. For good measure, I’d throw Unique into this as well as an “I told you so” of sorts.

Most Relevant Lyrics: I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me/Flew me to places I’d never been, ’til you put me down

3) The Last Time – Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

Taylor’s duet with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol details a couple arguing back and forth. The male, coming back to reunite with his lost love, and the girl unsure that it’s safe to ever trust him again. Given Blaine’s indiscretions revealed in ‘The Break-Up’ and his subsequent attempts to win back Kurt, this song would be the absolute perfect duet for the two to sing to one another. Emotional, conflicted, and haunting — just like the current state of Klaine.

Most Relevant Lyrics: You find yourself at my door, just like all those times before/You wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave/And all the times I let you in, just for you to go again/Disappear when you come back, everything is better

4) All Too Well – Finn Hudson

A haunting song charting a relationship from its beautiful beginning to the very bitter end (and everything in between) the tune would be very fitting for Finn to sing about his tumultuous love for Rachel, especially after their break-up.

Most Relevant Lyrics: Time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it/I’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it/After plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own/Now you mail back my things, and I walk home alone

5) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Brody Weston and Rachel Berry

Given Rachel and Brody’s penchant for duets at CallBacks, I could definitely see the two teaming up to sing this ditty together, which chronicles an ex’s attempt to win Taylor back. The song would serve as a catalyst to help Rachel realize it’s time to move on with Brody, while helping Rachel come to terms with the break-up and really begin to move on.

Most Relevant Lyrics: You go talk to your friends/Talk to my friends/Talk to me/But we are never ever ever getting back together

You can listen to the rest of Taylor’s fourth album by picking up the Red Limited Edition ZinePak (which contains guitar picks, a poster, 96-page magazine, and more) by visiting this link  or by going to your local Wal*Mart retailer.