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Glee Fashion: Rachel’s Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring

r hammered band

Rachel’s transition to New York life might have also caused a transition to her wardrobe, but not everything has changed — our favorite diva still loves her ‘bling’! Although Miss Berry has been partial to necklaces as her go-to fashion accessory, she’s added in a beautiful ring to show off her love of jewelry.

This ring, the Melinda Maria Hammered Band Gold Ring, is 18 karat gold plated and is completely wearable, whether you’re headed out for a night on the town with your friends, or playing board games with your roommate, just like Rachel! The ring is also a favorite of Lea Michele who portrays Rachel on Glee and she’s worn the ring to various events. In addition, Melinda Maria Jewelry is a favorite among other Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez. Like all Melinda Maria jewelry, the ring is finely crafted and elegant — meaning you’re getting the absolute best!


The people at Melinda Maria provided me with my own Hammered Band Gold Ring and I can attest to how unique and wonderful the ring is. From the box it is delivered in, to the ring itself, you can see the quality and style in the heart and soul of Melinda Maria Jewelry. They aren’t lying when they say you can wear it with absolutely anything — it works with whatever you have on, dressed up or dressed down! The ring is also super affordable, meaning you don’t have to be a celebrity to dress like one! I can guarantee that, just like Rachel’s gold stars, you’ll truly shine when you wear the Hammered Band Gold Ring!

You can purchase your own Hammered Band Gold Ring here

To see the entire Melinda Maria collection visit this link

To learn more about Melinda Maria jewelry click here

Note: Melinda Maria Jewelry provided me with a complimentary Hammered Band Gold Ring for the purposes of this review. However, the opinions expressed within are my own. 


A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Heys USA Luggage


In the season 3 finale Rachel Berry traveled to New York in style, toting an adorable pink suitcase. Rachel’s  carry-on was created by popular luggage maker Heys USA. Although that specific suitcase has been discontinued, there are plenty of alternatives to Miss Berry’s carry-on!

First is the Travel Concepts xCase, a polycarbonate hardshell suitcase fit for a star! The hardshell body of the suitcase adds an extra layer of durability, keeping all of your valuables safe and secure while traveling. The luggage piece also comes with a fully lined interior divider with a zippered organizational pocket and tie-down straps to keep clothes in place during your adventures. The Travel Concepts xCase is extremely affordable, meaning you can have style and functionality without breaking the bank!


Another excellent alternative to Rachel’s pink carry-on is the Artemis luggage set. Features of the Artemis luggage set include spinning wheels, a polypropylene shell, and a built-in 3-digit lock. The interior of each piece is lined and contains a cross straps to keep belongings secure as you travel!

No matter if you’re journeying to California or New York, Heys USA luggage is a must have for all of your adventures!

A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Let’s Have A Glee-ki!


Glee’s Thanksgiving episode featured a cover of the Scissor Sisters’ hit new song ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’. Now, you too can have a kiki like Kurt, Rachel, Isabelle, and their holiday guests! And no kiki would be complete without the brand new Kiki related merchandise available in the Scissor Sisters’ online store. Products available include a t-shirt, mug, tea towel, and briefs. You can view the entire collection here. Take a look at photos of the products below:


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To add extra fun to your glee-ki, you can learn the Let’s Have A Kiki Dance by viewing the instructional video:

So, unlock the doors, unlower the blinds, fire up the smoke machine, and put on your heels, because I know exactly what we need…let’s have a glee-ki!

A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Glee Trivia Box


Do you remember what song Will and Emma chose as ‘their song’ during their first date? Can you recall who Rachel thought her mother was in season 1? Can you name every couple combination there is to know?  Test that knowledge with your friends by playing Imagination Games’ brand new Glee Trivia Box! Featuring over 100 trivia questions from the first three seasons of Glee, this game is the perfect way to prove you’re the ultimate Gleek! The game is perfect for Gleeks of all ages and works perfectly for two or more players!

Admittedly, I’ve seen every episode of Glee multiple times and even I had trouble answering some of these questions. The trivia box is a great way to have fun with your friends and reminiscence on episodes of Glee’s past! With 189 questions, you’ll have hours of entertainment quizzing each other!

You can find the Glee Trivia Box in retailers nationwide, including Barnes & Noble, Wal*Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and more! So, fire up those old DVDs, read over your Glee notes, and get ready to prove you are the ultimate Gleek!

A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Lea Michele’s Speck Phone Case


The holidays are right around the corner and, just like in previous years, I’ll be posting various Glee-related clothes, music, merchandise, and more that are the perfect gifts for any Gleek! Check back each day for new Glee-ful holiday posts! 

First up on our list is the Speck CandyShell Satin iPhone case in black, just like the one Lea Michele (Rachel) was spotted using while filming Glee in November! The sleek and stylish SATIN cases are available for many phones and models, including the iPhone 5 and are available in a variety of colors. SATIN cases feature two layers of protection to keep your mobile device safe and come coated in a matte-soft touch coating; you truly feel like you’re holding satin in the palm of your hand! To help protect your phone from damage, the cases also come equipped with a shock-absorbing inside coating.


FUN FACT: Cast members Naya Rivera (Santana) and Darren Criss (Blaine) also use Speck cases for their phones. 

I personally love the CandyShell SATIN case. The satin touch adds an extra comfort to holding your phone and the variety of colors help make sure you’re always in style. The added shock-absorbing coating on the insides allows you to breathe easy and remind you your phone is safe from damage! Speck CandyShell SATIN cases truly have the most important things to look for when choosing a phone case: comfort, style, and protection.

The Speck CandyShell SATIN cases retail for $34.95 and can be found online and in stores nationwide.

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 3 Tracklist

Jingle Bell Rock – Featuring Sam

White Christmas – Featuring Blaine & Kurt

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas – Featuring Puck / Jake / Sam / Brittany / Blaine / Kurt & New Directions

Silent Night – Featuring Santana

Joy To The World – Featuring Unique

The First Noel – Featuring Marley

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – Featuring Rachel

Feliz Navidad – Featuring Artie

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah – Featuring Jake And Puck

Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – Featuring Finn