Glee Fashion: High Cotton Bow Ties and Headbands

Both Blaine and Rachel are well known for their preppy and vintage inspired styles, as well as their unique accessories they use to complete each outfit. Rachel’s signature accessory (until recently) was her trusted headband, while Blaine’s has always been a bow tie.

If you’ve ever wanted to steal the style of Mr. Anderson or Ms. Berry, you’re in luck: you can purchase the same headbands and bow ties seen on Glee from High Cotton Ties! High Cotton Ties is a popular maker of ties, headbands, and more based out of North Carolina, giving their products the perfect Southern charm.

Each tie and headband is handmade and the company is committed to providing excellent quality and service to each customer. In addition, each product is washable so you never have to worry about any messes or spills! There are so many patterns and prints to choose from you’ll have difficulty picking just one of these fabulous bow ties and headbands!

High Cotton Ties prides itself on being fit with Southern style and no truer words have ever been spoken. Every part of High Cotton reflects the class, style, and charm of the company — right down to the box the bow ties are packaged in!





Take a look at two of the bow ties Blaine has worn, the Darden Woolie and the Davidson Houndstooth:

darden woolie

Darden Woolie Bow Tie

davidson houndstooth

Davidson Houndstooth Bow Tie

For female Gleeks, you can purchase the Midnight Pinwale Headband, which we’ve seen on Rachel in the season 4 promo shoot, for your own Berry-inspired ensemble:

Midnight Pinwale Headband

Midnight Pinwale Headband

If you’re a male Rachel fan, you can order the Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie for your own Berry special look!

Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie

Midnight Pinwale Bow Tie

Keep your eyes peeled to Glee for more High Cotton headbands and bow ties — according to Judy Hill, owner and founder of the company, Glee costume designers ordered six bow ties and a dozen headbands from them. You never know when Blaine or Rachel will be sporting another!

For more information on High Cotton Ties, check out the video below:

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