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Win A Copy of Glee: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray!


Glee’s third season was all about change and all of our favorite characters (and their relationships) certainly did. We saw all of our favorite New Directions members face many new difficulties, obstacles, and challenges. But, through it all, they remained a family. Glee: The Complete Third Season is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD and contains all 22 episodes of the show’s third season. The set also contains special features like Sue’s Quips, Making The Finale, Glee Music Jukebox, and Santana’s “Santa Baby” music video. It’s the perfect thing to own to relive all your favorite musical numbers or moments or to catch-up on the show before the fourth season begins in September! 

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Think Jam, I’m giving away a copy of Glee: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray to one lucky reader! 

To enter: Leave a comment with your name and email telling me what your favorite episode of season 3 is and why. 

That’s it! I’ll pick a winner on Friday, August 24th. I’ll be contacting the winner via email. 

Good luck, 



Rachel Berry’s Phone Case: Agent18 FlowerVest Review + COUPON CODE


In an attempt to convince Carmen Tibideaux to give her a second chance, Rachel made countless calls to the NYADA dean on her iPhone. Rachel even styled her iPhone with a case that fit her perfectly, Agent18’s FlowerVest in Pink/White.

ImageThe kind folks at Agent18 sent me one for review and I’ve got a closer look at how fabulous the case truly is!

Agent18 is known for keeping your electronic devices safe while also adding unique art and fashion, which is why this case is so perfect for Rachel! She can show off her girly side while making sure her phone is safe from any damage. This way she can always stay in touch with Finn, Kurt, and all of her other glee clubbers while in New York!

ImageThe case is made of durable silicone and a has no-slip grip, as well as the following features:

  • anti-static finish repels dust, dirt, and lint
  • lightweight and flexible silicone for a streamlined fit
  • durable, rugged protection with no extra bulk
  • full access to all ports, switches, and functionality

ImageTo get your own FlowerVest just like Miss Berry, all you have to do is visit this link. To get a 20% discount on the FlowerVest in Pink/White enter the code RachelBerry at checkout!

Stay tuned for a closer look at the Agent18 case that Lea Michele loves and be sure to follow Agent18 on their social network sites:





– Rachel

Curing The Glee Hiatus Blues Until Season 4

Another season of Glee has come and gone, only this time fans have been singing a not-so-sweet tune over the fates of Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and the rest of their favorite characters. Due to that huge cliffhanger we were left with during the season 3 finale, I’ve come up with a few more ideas on just how to make it through the Glee hiatus until September finally rolls around and New Directions starts singing once again.

  • Watch episodes over and over and over again. Season 1 and Season 2 are currently available in stores and online everywhere.
  • Watch Glee: The Concert Movie
  • Watch The Glee Project season 2 (premieres June 5th at 10/9c)
  • Read the Glee novels and Glee yearbook
  • Buy Glee merchandise (For ideas, visit previous posts on the blog!)
  • Listen to the Glee soundtracks/singles on your iPod or other mp3 player
  • Learn the choreography to different Glee performances and post them online for everyone to see. Bonus points if you sing a Rachel solo!
  • Join a roleplaying group on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr
  • Post on GleeForum or other Glee message boards
  • Draw/paint pictures of your favorite characters/scenes/etc.
  • Create fan videos for your favorite pairings, characters, storylines, etc. (Finchel, Quick, Klaine, Brittana)
  • Play the Glee board games or card games
  • Play Glee Karaoke Volume 1, Volume 2, or Volume 3 on the Wii.
  • Host Glee viewing parties for you and your friends.
  • Put together outfits and dress up like your favorite characters.
  • Write and/or read Glee fanfiction.
  • Act like your favorite characters in every day like (ie: start signing your name with a gold star sticker beside it!)
  • Give Glee Hallmark cards to your friends as gifts
  • Write down your predictions/guesses about season 4 and see how close you were when season 4 does begin.
Hopefully now you can wipe those tears and keep yourself occupied until the Glee season 4 premiere. As always, I’ll be around to keep you updated on all the latest Glee products, news, and spoilers!
See you in September,

POLL: Should Finn and Rachel Get Married?

Finn shocked the entire Glee fandom when he proposed to Rachel. Another shock came when Rachel accepted the proposal in the ‘Michael’ episode. Both fans and non-fans alike weighed in with their opinions on Finn and Rachel’s engagement, with both sides of the fence going head-to-head against one another.

Now, I ask my loyal readers to weigh in on this subject. What do you think Finn and Rachel should do? Should they elope? Should they wait a few more years? Should they call off the engagement altogether?

Vote in the poll HERE and share your thoughts in the comments section below!