Glee on Twitter

You can find the students of McKinley High, the residents of New York, the graduates in California, and more on Twitter! Here’s a list of the who’s who on Glee and who is still available for play. If you aren’t already – be sure to follow them!

Characters Being Played:


Characters Available:

Carmen Tibideaux

Isabelle Wright

Burt Hummel

Becky Jackson

Ryder Lynn

Sam Evans

Carole Hudson-Hummel

Joe Hart


There are still characters available for play, if interested: Send me an e-mail ( with your Name, Age, Personal Twitter Username, a few ORIGINAL tweets of your chosen character, and why you want to be in the group.


4 thoughts on “Glee on Twitter

  1. I really wanted to be Rachel but she is taken so I want to be Isabelle . U really am in live with glee!! Geeks rule!!🎼🎧🎹🎶🎤🎬🎥

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