Glee Fashion: Kurt’s Built For Man Havana Henley


Kurt has always been known for his eccentric and groundbreaking men’s fashion, as well as for being an arbiter of all that is good, and his transition to NYADA student was certainly no exception to that! During his chat with new crush Adam, Kurt can be seen sporting a very cool shirt, the Havana Henley by Built For Man. Not only is the henley a unique piece, the brand also has its own Kurt-like story. Built For Man’s products are all created with environmental and ethical properties to keep a low carbon footprint. To further this mission, all of the company’s clothing are made with natural fibers to create fashion that is both forward and responsible — the perfect fit for someone like Kurt! The clothing is also extremely different and boundary-pushing, which is exactly what Kurt loves, making Built For Man clothing the perfect fit for him!

Built For Man strives to produce high-quality garments and employs artisans in Peruvian villages as part of ‘The Loom Project’ which comprises the company’s woven accessories. Built For Man supplies the yarns and contributes a portion of the looms, allowing the workers to create micro-industries and sustaining ancient weaving techniques. The sales of these items provides the weavers with a family income and brighter future opportunities.

In addition, Built For Man empowers a good societal agenda by empowering the worker to join them in creating a product for the market place. In their latest social project, The Yak Project, the company’s workers went to Nepal and worked with the Nepalese to creating Christmas ornaments. Customers can be sure that their money is well spent, both quality wise and socially-conscious wise.


The Havana Henley, which Kurt wore, is made of 100% pima cotton and the contrasting textured knits make it the perfect fashion-forward shirt for you to channel your own Mr. Hummel with!

I love the socially conscious efforts of Built For Man because it’s so unique and unlike other companies. You can look stylish while helping the world, what could be better? Kurt Elizabeth Hummel would definitely approve.

You can purchase Kurt’s Havana Pima Henley on the Built For Man site or Farfetch.

To view the entire Built For Man fashion collection, you can visit here.

To learn more about Built For Man and its socially conscious efforts, including The Yak Project, you can follow this link.

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