Win A Copy of Glee: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray!


Glee’s third season was all about change and all of our favorite characters (and their relationships) certainly did. We saw all of our favorite New Directions members face many new difficulties, obstacles, and challenges. But, through it all, they remained a family. Glee: The Complete Third Season is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD and contains all 22 episodes of the show’s third season. The set also contains special features like Sue’s Quips, Making The Finale, Glee Music Jukebox, and Santana’s “Santa Baby” music video. It’s the perfect thing to own to relive all your favorite musical numbers or moments or to catch-up on the show before the fourth season begins in September! 

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Think Jam, I’m giving away a copy of Glee: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray to one lucky reader! 

To enter: Leave a comment with your name and email telling me what your favorite episode of season 3 is and why. 

That’s it! I’ll pick a winner on Friday, August 24th. I’ll be contacting the winner via email. 

Good luck, 



39 thoughts on “Win A Copy of Glee: The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray!

  1. Flo/@LeaSMicheleFans

    My favorite episode of Glee is ‘Heart’ because there are so many amazing music numbers and I love how Rachel Berry is featured in it so much. Her dads appear for the first times and there are some hilarious moments that I love so much! The numbers are incredible and it’s an epic episode 🙂 ❤

  2. My favorite episode from season 3 was probably the prom episode. I loved the ke$ha number, and I thought Finn made the right choice by leaving the prom to go to Rachel. My favorite part of the episode was probably when Quinn and Santana made Rachel prom queen. It showed that Quinn had matured over the years and didn’t think about herself as much. It also showed how Rachel finally believes in herself and realizes that other people believe in her too!

  3. My favorite episode of season 3 is 3×11, Michael! Not only the performances are amazing, but also has a lot of beautiful scenes! and i love finchel, so this episode is so cute for me 🙂

  4. Is this also an international giveaway? If so… here is my entry.

    My favorite season 3 episodes are:

    1) Nationals
    2) ❤ (HEART)
    3) Dance with Somebody

    • sorry… forgot the reasons

      1) They finally WON!!! I was so happy 😀 (and tongue ties killed me, I still play that song at least 5 times a day)
      2) Santana doesn’t care what other people thinks anymore and she’s not afraid of showing how much she loooves her gf
      3) I really loved all the Whitney songs they did, It was a great tribute ep

  5. My Favorite Episode Is Season 3 episode 22 ” Goodbye ” It was so emotion Because i’m watching the new directions Leaving and High school .. It was emotion the broke up between finn and rachel I cry alot while She was on the train and finn was Running .. I wish/hope I WIN this Copy of glee The Complete Third Season on Blu-Ray!

  6. My favorite episode of season 3 is the 3×21 and 3×22, I can not choose between them because they’re best for the ND in 3×21 which is the culmination of three years of problems, ND are finally recognized for their talent. Also the episode 3×22 is also one of the best because it is the end of senior citizens, Rachel Finn, Quinn etc … leave high school for their new life. These two episodes were rich in emotions either of joy or sadn’m for my English ( which is bad ) because I’m French = D)

  7. Lauren :

    I absolutly loved all of the episodes in season 3 and picking one is so hard. But I would have to say my favorite episode in season 3 is Choke. Choke is my faveorite episode not only because of Kurt’s AMAZING audtition for NYADA but because its shows people, even the greatest singers (Rachel Berry) choke. Choke is a sad episode and I did cry my eyes out when Rachel failed her audition but what really got me was when she sang “Cry” by Kelly Clarkson. She was going to give up everything she ever dreamed of which crushed me. Just to top off all of the sad things that happened in that song Puck failed his exam. But the inspiring part about this episode isn’t in the episode itself. Its in the episodes after it, when we find out that Rachel never gave up and kept trying. Her trying worked when she got into NYADA in the end.

    Choke met a lot to me because when I was trying to get into High School I auditioned for a local theatre school. The school had a lottery system for who got in. I was fourth on the waiting list but never got a call. I ended up going to my current High School but never gave up acting. I do all of the shows at my school and have a blast. Knowing even for a few episodes that my Idol, Rachel Berry, wasn’t going to make it into the school of her dreams made me think that there is a chance for me. 😀

  8. My favourite episode of Glee in season 3 would have to be… ‘Michael’.
    Because in this episode the Glee club tribute MJ (he’s my favourite singer) and Rachel agrees to marry Finn (they are my favourite couple) they sing ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Wanna Be Startin Somethin’ and Blaine get slushie that hurts his eye (sad) but kurt help him to get better (so sweet!) Quinn got in to Yell University which is awesome and we get to so Artie and Mike dancing! Also the warblers are in the episode!! I love them♥
    I really love Glee and hope to win ❤

  9. My favorite season 3 episode would be “Prom-asaurus” because it’s a very episode. I love how Rachel wins Prom Queen because I think she really deserved it. And we can see that Quinn isn’t that big bitch, cause she was the one who made Rachel win Prom Queen. I also love Kurt & Blaine in this episode. They’re so cute. And also Puck, cause he shows us that people can change and be nice to other people even though their lives aren’t the best at the moment. 🙂

  10. My favorite episode of season three is props/nationals because it is where Rachel finally convinces Carmen Tibido (sorry if I spelled that wrong) to watch her perform. It shows that if you never give up on your dreams they can come true. Also it is where The New Directions win at Nationals, which was their ultimate goal. This is another example of following your dreams and never giving up. I found this episode to be truly inspirational and it is definitely my favorite in season 3!

  11. My favorite episode from Glee Season 3 was ‘Goodbye’. I loved this episode SO much because it brought back all the memories from the first episode of glee. If everyone watching wasn’t crying within the first 5 minutes then they’re not a Gleek. Along with all the memories shard through the first 2 seasons, we found out what was happening with our graduating seniors and how they’re lives turned out. I also crying for an hour at the end (literally) When we had the heartbreaking Finchel breakup. How it was so kind of him to let her follow her dreams without holding back to help him. Goodbye is the episode where everymemory just fell right into place.

  12. My favorite episode was Mash Off. So many things were being balanced out in that episode: Troubletones v. ND, Santana coming out, Sue and Burt’s election, and Santana continuously teasing Finn. I love how the episode plays all these stories out and intertwine ALL OF THEM. Also, this episode has some of the best acting in the entire series. Epically Naya Rivera. Her performance is spine tingling. Even through song she conveys Santana’s emotion. Also this episode has amazing songs

    So, that’s my favorite episode!(:

    • Also, the Mash ups. ND perform a light, funny song (with mustaches and Darren Criss hair) while the Troubletones had a dark, serious (yet amazing) Adele mash up. Also, the dodgeball scene was really fun. I liked how it played off of Santana’s mean side to see that it was all protection from coming out.

  13. My favorite episode was The First Time. I have many reasons for this, including the amazing plot of the episode, the chemistry between the characters, the music, choreography, acting, and, of course, the musical. West Side Story is one of my All-Time Favorite Musicals. I have always seen myself as a Maria, and would,like Rachel, die if I didn’t get the part. I could relate to this episode in almost every aspect, and through almost all the characters, especially Rachel. It featured many of my favorite songs, such as “Tonight”, “Uptown Girl”, and “America”. This episode featured almost everybody, but especially Rachel (Lea Michele) and her relationship with Finn in such an amazing way. In this episode, she is just like the girl I wish to be. Successful, beautiful, Maria, and an AMAZING singer. I am not your typical Rachel Berry fangirl. Not even close. I AM the real-life Rachel Berry, and I hope I can be as successful as her. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, and I hope you select me as the winner (I hope I win as much as Rachel wanted to get into NYADA). 😀

  14. I definatly thing ‘dance with somebody’ was my favourite,well at least in the top three. It was such a good Whitney tribute & it captured all of the right emotions for the storyline & wasn’t sidetracked by another story within the episode, also the songs were well chosen & paired with actors/characters also 🙂

  15. Mu favorite ep is “the First Time”
    Not only is there alot of West Side Story in It
    But there is a lot of Finchel too! Finchel is just so
    Cute and they are perfect for each other ! Loved
    how Rachel finally realized that what they have
    is special and no matter what they can figure
    Things out together and get through it cause they love each other ! 😍 🌟😃

  16. I would have to say the Michael Jackson episode because there was a lot of great acting in it, especially from Lea Michele and Kevin McHale. They also covered a lot of great Jacko songs. I especially loved the musical number that Artie did with Mike Chang. Seriously, they need to let Artie dance more on the show.

  17. I don’t know if I can choose just one episode. My top 3 episodes are Props (The way the cast played each other was hilarious), Michael (Gotta love the MJ songs that everyone got a chance to shine), and the First Time (West Side Story plus Finchel’s first time!).

  18. My favorite episodes of Glee from Season 3 are Hold On To Sixteen and Choke. The reason I loved Hold On To Sixteen was because of Quinn. Quinn finally got herself all sorted out, and she’s been my favorite character since day one, so it was nice to see her work all her problems out. And to see Sam back! I never wanted him to leave so when he came back it just made that episode for me. Also my favorite performance We Are Young was in this episode. I loved how it was just one of those fun performances that they did just to have fun and it wasn’t rehearsed or anything. I loved Choke because of the Bieste storyline. And the Puck one. I loved how well both Dot and Mark played in that episode and the storylines they had were so true to life and it just gives me chills when the girls sing Shake it Out to Bieste towards the end. The entire episode is just incredible.

  19. I personally think Glee season 3 is better than the previous season. Season 3 has more to offer, although there were less guest stars coming to the show. I love that the writers decided to focus on the McKinley kids and their struggle on senior year. As I found out lots of people are experiencing that kinda thing too.
    Tons of emotional moments happened in this season : first timers, a wedding proposal, a suicide attempt, a cancelled wedding, a car accident, big break auditions, a graduation, and a teary break up. What a season right?

    If I have to choose my favorite episode of Glee season 3, I shall choose episode 14 : On My Way. It’s the winter finale episode of the season. The writers are at their finest hour writing this episode. The unexpected cliffhanger makes me really curious about what’s gonna happen next. Anyway, it’s my favorite because of several reasons :

    1. I love the songs they are covered on the episode. Despite of the super depressing ‘Cough Syrup’ in the beginning of the episode, the other songs are super great. Fly / I believe I can fly, I think is the best mash up of the season. The Warblers are covering The Wanted’s ‘Glad You Came’. It really fits their image as an all-boys show choir club. Stand is a good song too with meaningful lyrics
    2. Karofsky’s suicide attempt is a wake up call. In reality, there are many teenagers who can’t stand against bullying and they decided to end their life. How Kurt try to cheer Karofsky by asking him to imagine his future is a good way to remind every teenagers that bullying in school might be super hard, but this shall pass and there’s a beautiful future waiting for us ahead. But to get there, we have to be strong.

    3. Since I’m a Faberry shipper, we can see how sweet their friendship are in this episode. Though she seems really hard to Rachel, but we can see that Quinn really cares about her. She doesn’t want her friend doing stupid thing by marrying Finn in a very young age. (Sorry Finchel shipper) Rachel should be focus chasing her dream. Too bad they cut the bridemaids’ scene 😦 At the end of this episode, Quinn shows how she loves Rachel, no matter what, and decided to come to her wedding.

    4. Valuable lesson : Don’t text while driving. Well, I don’t think I need to say more about this. But as the Glee audiences are young people, I think we should be aware of this issue. Texting while driving is dangerous and we can see how terrible a car accident affect our life.

  20. My favorite episode was Prom-Asaurus because I love that Finn supported her in the end and that she became queen. Also Lauren Potter in that episode was amazing!

  21. My favorite episode of glee is the “first time” in season three. I liked that episode because it was when the couples klaine (kurt and blaine) and finchel (rachel and finn) first got intimate and made their relationships better; they got closer to eachother and made them realize how much they love eachother. At first I also like how rachel and blaine first just wanna do for the play but then they see love is way more than what they were going to do it for. That is why I like that episode.

  22. My favorite episode was “goodbye” because it made me have so many different emotions and the flashbacks were bonus.

  23. My favorite episode is “On My Way” because of they way they handled the situation of suicide and the reason people do it. Also how texting while driving is a big problem now a days especially in teens and it shows the effect of it. And how dangerous it is.

  24. My favorite Season 3 episode (even though it was very tough to pick) would probably be “Big Brother” because I feel it brought out a different side of every character and it was fun to see Kurt as a fangirl, Blaine jealous, and Rachel finally listening to someone.(: Plus Matt Bomer is a plus..and Darren took his shirt off. Thanks!!

  25. Another episode I liked was “Choke” because some people have that perfect road ahead of them and just with one mess up your dreams/career/life can be ruined and I also live that episode shows how much friends can push you to succeed in something you want to accomplish no matter big or small of what you want to accomplish (: they will help you and push you to succeed!! ❤ also I love the little song they made when Puck got the answer right haha

  26. My absolute favorite episode of season three was Big Brother because 1) Matt Bomer. 2) we finally got to learn a little more about Blaine and I love him. 3) Cooper’s master class in acting was one of the funniest moments in the whole season!

    I love season 3!

  27. I’m Bridie and my favorite episode in Season 3 is Nationals, because it was so exciting to see the club finally win! We all know how hard they worked for it and it all just made sense because it was some of their last years in the club and it was for Mr. Shue. So it was all just perfect!!! Thank you and I hope you pick me 🙂

  28. My favorite episode of glee is Nationals, because Rachel gets her chance to show Carmen Tibideoux her true talent and desire. Also, the New Directions WIN NATIONALS! yay! This episode was very emotional. I absolutely loved FINCHEL in this episode. When New Directions’ won Nationals, I was crying tears of joy and saying, “Finally! My babies won!” I also loved the return of Jesse. Overall, this episode is my favorite episode along Prom-A-Saurus. FinchelForever!

  29. My personal favourite episode of glee is Nationals as we get to see alot of things, we get to see Rachel re-audition for Carmen, we saw New Directions beat Vocal Adrenaline (Finally) and we get to see Rachel as one of the popular girls which is all she has ever wanted.

  30. My favorite is the Rumor has it one!!! Only becuase that one shows alot of emotion and it captures Santana so well!! And then the way they played the Adele songs and how they played it was awesome. 🙂

  31. I think my favorite episode of Season 3 was probably Big Brother. Matt Bomer’s character was absolutely hilarious, and I always enjoy Blaine-centric episodes! The Six Flags scenes were cool to see, too, since we usually don’t get to see the cast outside of McKinley unless they’re performing.

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