GLEE: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds Extended Summary

As New Directions’ exploration of The Beatles’ classic hits enters the “experimental years,” Will takes a lesson from the Fab Four and encourages the kids to be fearless despite the potential for failure. When Tina becomes an unlikely candidate for Prom Queen, she takes Mr. Schue’s lesson to heart and throws herself whole- (and cold-) heartedly in the race. Despite Kitty’s assurances that she will back Tina’s run for the crown, powerful forces within the Cheerios! are determined to see that one of their own win the coveted title, and scheme – on Kitty’s behalf – against the gleek. After failing to earn a nomination for Prom King, and being prom-date-dumped by Tina, a dejected Sam suffers a crisis of confidence… until the timely arrival of a pretty, new college age school nurse gives him the chance to face his fears in order to to make a connection. Meanwhile, no news is torture for Rachel as she waits to hear the results of her Funny Girl audition, and the Spotlight Diner brings a potential new love interest for Santana… if only she has the courage to seize it.

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