GLEE: Extended “Love, Love, Love” Summary

Will gives New Directions a double dose of Lennon and McCartney when he assigns the kids two weeks’ worth of the classic music of The Beatles. Following a disappointing “chemistry audition” callback for Funny Girl, Rachel realizes that in order to grow as an actress, she needs more life experience, so she takes a job with Santana working as a waitress. When the director who snubbed her comes in for a meal, Rachel seizes the opportunity and gets a second chance to impress him.

Despite their obvious mutual attraction, Artie is disheartened but complicit when his sort-of-girlfriend Kitty demands that they keep their relationship a secret from the others at school. Meanwhile, bolstered by the recent rekindling of their romance, Blaine brings together a group of unlikely allies to help him “pop the question” to Kurt. And everyone’s on edge when a power-hungry Sue Sylvester returns to McKinley with a new job as the school’s “interim” principal.

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