Don’t Stop Believin’: Thoughts on The Passing of Cory Monteith, The Impact of Glee and Healing

This post is something I’ve been debating on writing over the past few days. I didn’t know exactly how to form coherent thoughts out of the emotions I was feeling and I’m still not fully sure I can. But I know in my heart that I have to say something, because silence just doesn’t feel right.

Years ago I remember sitting in my room, watching a new show on Fox called Glee. I’ll never forget the way I felt when it got to the end of the episode and Don’t Stop Believin’ began. I got chills; tears filled my eyes; and a smile stayed across myself for what felt like a lifetime. No other show, song, or movie has ever been able to move me in that way — and I know nothing ever will again. I knew that moment was monumental and that my life would never be the same after it. It wasn’t. I ran right to my computer and downloaded Don’t Stop Believin’, listening to the song non-stop for the entire summer, waiting for the inevitable day that magical show returned to my life. After what seemed like a lifetime, it finally did. Every day since then has in some way been impacted by Glee. I don’t talk much about ‘the real me’ on this blog, but I will say that Glee changed me completely.

Rachel Berry helped me trust in my self, gain ambition, and believe that I could do anything. Watching her deal with the bullies of the school and continue on her journey to stardom with ease gave me courage that I could do the same and that’s exactly what I’ve done since then. Not only that, but I too watched as Rachel pined after Finn the quarterback who didn’t seem to notice her, something I’ve experienced countless times in my own life. I rooted for Finn and Rachel. I watched as they went through all of the drama and heartache, knowing all along that they would be together. Not just that, but I watched as the loves of Brittany and Santana, Will and Emma, Kurt and Blaine, and countless other couples blossomed, fell apart, and blossomed again. I can honestly say that without Glee I would not be who I am today. Throughout all of the confusing storylines, continuity issues, or plot holes, I stuck by my show. I was (and still am) invested so deeply that a friend and I began the Glee RP accounts as a way of expressing that love with others. I never imagined the response we would get or the years I would spend doing this, but every second has been full of joy.

As of July 13th, things have changed. Cory Monteith is gone. It’s painful to even write those words, especially so soon. We all inherently know that our time on this earth is limited, but we never think that it will happen at 31. I remember hearing the news and immediately breaking into tears. After spending literal years of my life with Glee, it feels like I’ve lost a member of my family. And in a way, we all have. People may laugh or judge you for mourning the loss of someone you may not have known, but true Gleeks and true fans of Cory understand you and I encourage you to seek them out for solace. That’s the only way to stay strong and to find a way to cope. I am so moved by the way the Glee fandom has come together to support one another, regardless of ships or favorite characters/actors. We all understand the impact the show and Cory have had and that is something we have to hold on to during these difficult times.

Many Glee blogs and Twitters have decided to shutdown and move on, and if that is what they must do, then I completely understand. It can be difficult to stay around something that now only brings you sorrow. Many on Twitter have asked me what will happen to Glee RP or @RachelBerryWMHS now that Cory is gone and the future of Glee is up in the air. After much soul searching, I have decided to (for now) continue portraying Rachel Berry on Twitter. Should Lea decide not to return to the role of Rachel, I too will hang up Rachel’s headband for good. Until then, be kind to one another and hug those you love extra tightly tonight.


Through it all, don’t stop believing in the lessons that Glee and Cory taught us. He may be gone from this world, but his memory and the impact he left behind will never be forgotten.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believin’: Thoughts on The Passing of Cory Monteith, The Impact of Glee and Healing

  1. I can totally feel you, because i am having this problem.
    This is the first time i feel so heartbroken because of celebrity’s dead.

  2. Reblogged this on This Is It, The Apocalypse and commented:
    My heart still aches but reading posts about Cory and Glee like this makes me happier, slowly, bit by bit everyday. I’m glad to have fellow fans who feels the same way as I.

  3. Such a beautiful words girl, Glee truly has been changing our lifes for the better….and like you, for me is still so hard to talk in past about Cory, he was such a kind person and his role as Finn Hudson. For me both Finn and Cory although we talk about the same person will forever be in my heart, as Cory as Finn taught me a lot of things that Ill keep in my heart for the rest of my life! Im glad by the fact that Lea decided to return to Glee, the show that Both Cory and Lea love the most, and the place when they felt in love and spent such a great memories and moments together….I know itll be hard for her and also for the whole cast and crew…. but Lea has been doing pretty well, she is so strong and amazing. I learned a lot from both Lea and Rachel…Glee has been teaching us amazing things and all of them will forever be in my heart!. I loved you post, it was really touched, your words were beautiful, Im already follow you on twitter, your account is sooo cool…Ive been Retweeting bunch of your tweets my account is MsMaryBerry1…Take care girl, this post was TERRIFIC!

    Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 20:09:11 +0000 To:

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