GLEE: “Wonder-ful” Synopsis

Will’s spirits are buoyed after getting several pieces of good news about his students. Having regained his trademark optimism, he tries sharing his positive vibe by assigning the kids the music of Stevie Wonder. Artie gets word that he has been accepted to his college of choice. When he balks at the chance to go for his dream of becoming a filmmaker, it takes some prodding from an unexpected source in order for him to confront the one thing he thinks is holding him back… his mother.

As Rachel prepares for her second callback for Funny Girl, she learns that NYADA policy requires her extra-curricular activity be approved by her instructors, leading to fears her dreams will be dashed by a vindictive and jealous Cassandra July. Plus, it’s old home week as Mercedes and Mike return to Lima to help get the new New Directions ready for Regionals. While the pair takes a few of the gleeks under their wings, Mercedes must contend with disheartening news from Los Angeles, prompting her to make a bold decision about her future. And when Kurt comes home to check up on his cancer-stricken father’s health, Blaine ponders his own future with Kurt and reaches out to Burt for advice.

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