A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Heys USA Luggage


In the season 3 finale Rachel Berry traveled to New York in style, toting an adorable pink suitcase. Rachel’s  carry-on was created by popular luggage maker Heys USA. Although that specific suitcase has been discontinued, there are plenty of alternatives to Miss Berry’s carry-on!

First is the Travel Concepts xCase, a polycarbonate hardshell suitcase fit for a star! The hardshell body of the suitcase adds an extra layer of durability, keeping all of your valuables safe and secure while traveling. The luggage piece also comes with a fully lined interior divider with a zippered organizational pocket and tie-down straps to keep clothes in place during your adventures. The Travel Concepts xCase is extremely affordable, meaning you can have style and functionality without breaking the bank!


Another excellent alternative to Rachel’s pink carry-on is the Artemis luggage set. Features of the Artemis luggage set include spinning wheels, a polypropylene shell, and a built-in 3-digit lock. The interior of each piece is lined and contains a cross straps to keep belongings secure as you travel!

No matter if you’re journeying to California or New York, Heys USA luggage is a must have for all of your adventures!

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