A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Glee Trivia Box


Do you remember what song Will and Emma chose as ‘their song’ during their first date? Can you recall who Rachel thought her mother was in season 1? Can you name every couple combination there is to know?  Test that knowledge with your friends by playing Imagination Games’ brand new Glee Trivia Box! Featuring over 100 trivia questions from the first three seasons of Glee, this game is the perfect way to prove you’re the ultimate Gleek! The game is perfect for Gleeks of all ages and works perfectly for two or more players!

Admittedly, I’ve seen every episode of Glee multiple times and even I had trouble answering some of these questions. The trivia box is a great way to have fun with your friends and reminiscence on episodes of Glee’s past! With 189 questions, you’ll have hours of entertainment quizzing each other!

You can find the Glee Trivia Box in retailers nationwide, including Barnes & Noble, Wal*Mart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and more! So, fire up those old DVDs, read over your Glee notes, and get ready to prove you are the ultimate Gleek!

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