Rachel Berry’s Dorm Room Bedding


Our favorite diva is now in the big city, attending NYADA and working toward achieving her Broadway dreams! Along with living in New York, Rachel now lives in a dorm room on the NYADA campus. And leave it to Miss Berry to have a fabulous bed fitting of a star!

Rachel’s bedding is the Lindsay Sage Brush comforter, created by Springmaid. The company graciously sent me the same comforter for review, so I can show it off to all of you!

Rachel has always loved floral prints, whether it be on the comforter of her room in Lima or on a dress she’s wearing through the halls of McKinley and the Lindsay Sage Brush comforter is no exception! Flowers cover the comforter, adding an eclectic look to the bedding.


The comforter set also comes with two pillow shams so you can decorate your pillows as well! In addition, the comforter is reversible — so you can change your bedding whenever you like!




The comforter will be seen on the season 4 premiere of Glee, which airs on Thursday, September 13th at 9PM ET.

The Lindsay Sage Brush comforter is only available in Target retail stores nationwide. You can purchase the duvet version, which is similar, online here!


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