American Horror Story: Season Finale Preview

American Horror Story closes out its freshman season tonight with a whopping hour and a half of screams, shocks, and plenty of ghostly drama.

Though I can’t tell you much about the episode itself, I can offer a few teases and notes that I made while watching. Trust me though, this is one episode you’ll want to be surprised for. It may not be the most action packed of AHS episodes, but it is one of the best. Every scene, no, every second is important to the story and each character interaction is sheer brilliance.

Other bits of information to note about the finale:

  • Evan Peters (Tate) gives one of his best performances this episode and it is truly a standout. In fact, every one of the cast members brings their ‘A game’ to help close out the season.
  • As promised by creator Ryan Murphy, the episode truly does offer a slight tinge of hope while also staying as dark as the rest of the series.
  • A few flashbacks help bridge the gaps in story and also help fill in some information we as the audience weren’t privy to beforehand.
  • The season ends with a shocking final scene.

Looking back, I’m proud of the way American Horror Story has crafted its entire first season. While the finale does close out a few of the burning questions fans have been asking since the beginning, it also opens the door with plenty more to lead the way into its second season. And that is something to scream about.

Catch the season finale of American Horror Story tonight at 10/9c only of FX.


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