Glee Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Christmas is just two weeks away now and I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am! You may also be a little stressed over what to get for that friend/family member/significant other or even for yourself. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest Glee related toys, games, CDs, and more for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully this will give you an idea on what to get that Gleeky person you’re shopping for!

Glee DVDs/Blu-Rays

There are many different Glee DVDs out there for your viewing pleasure. These include:

Glee: The Complete First SeasonGlee: The Complete Second SeasonGlee: Encore , and the upcoming release of Glee: The Concert Movie which is set to be released on December 20th. You can also pick up individual parts of Glee’s first and second seasons to complete your collection! These are perfect for any Gleek’s collection to help them relive all of their favorite scenes and musical numbers as many times as they want!

Glee CDs

The talented cast of Glee has released 14 different albums, including the two latest releases, Glee: Volume 7 and Glee Christmas Album: Volume 2. These CDs collect Glee’s biggest showstopping hits and are perfect for any Gleek jamming out in their car or dancing around in their room!

Glee Shirts

The Official Fox Shop is currently the only place to get Glee shirts, but they have a wide variety, including the famous Born This Way shirts for each of the characters! Yes, even my NOSE shirt is there!

Glee Posters

Posters featuring all of your favorite Glee characters can be found at Poster Revolution  or the Official Fox Shop. I’m sure a poster of Rachel would look fabulous in your room! Or one of the other Glee club members, if you’re so inclined.

Glee Video Games

Video game maker Konami has released 3 different Karaoke Revolution: Glee games, all of which allow Gleeks to perform as or alongside their favorite character to hit songs from the show! Volumes 1 and 2 are only available for Wii, but Volume 3 is available for both Wii and Xbox 360. There is even a Party Mode on the game so you can compete with your friends for the prize of Top Gleek!

Glee Board Games

Glee has also spawned numerous board games, including a Glee CD Board Game, Glee Cranium, Glee Yahtzee, and Scene It?: Glee . All of these are perfect for Glee viewing parties with your friends!

Glee Character Clothing/Jewelry

Many of the characters on Glee wear clothes that anyone can pick up at many different stores. Fashion of Glee lists every character’s wardrobe from each episode, from t-shirts to watches and beyond! Many of Rachel’s clothes come from Forever 21 and, more recently, Rachel has been seen in Unique Vintage dresses. Rachel also wears necklaces from Ryan Ryan Jewelry. For a discount on your Ryan Ryan Jewelry Order, enter JOLLY at checkout!

Glee Calendars

There’s no better way to keep track of your days than with the members of New Directions! Lucky for you, there are many different versions of  calendars featuring just that on the Poster Revolution website. Now you can stay Glee-ful throughout 2012!

I hope that this guide helps you find the perfect gift this holiday season. Just don’t be surprised if Sue Sylvester sneaks into your house and steals all your presents!

Merry Christmas, Darlings.




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