The Twist That Changes Everything: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘I Kissed A Girl’

Glee returned from its two week hiatus in full force last night with the Santana-centric episode, I Kissed A Girl. Focused on Santana’s coming out storyline the Glee club’s assignment was to perform songs during lady music week: songs by women, for women on a suggestion from Finn. Santana’s coming out journey was one of Glee’s best episodes this season so far, filled with plenty of realism (as real as Glee can get, anyway), heartache, and, ultimately, acceptance. I was pleased with the way the writers handled this storyline.

Elsewhere, Coach Beiste battled Sue over the affections of Cooter, the football scout. I was also surprised at how well I enjoyed this twist, mostly because it finally gives Sue a relevant storyline that isn’t repetitive (I’ll destroy the Glee club again!) and it gave Jane Lynch another chance to show off how brilliant an actress she is. Dot Jones was also phenomenal as Coach Beiste dealing with the loss of a man she truly cared for to someone like Sue.

The Puck/Quinn/Beth/Shelby storyline was also in full swing in the episode. Sadly, I feel that this is getting very tedious very quickly and I’m not enjoying it in the least. The only redeeming quality to this story was Puck’s conversation with Quinn and how ‘messed up’ she was and how she was only angry because everyone was there for Santana when they weren’t for her. Which, when you think about it, is very true.

As for our Rachel, this episode was quite eventful. I was completely taken aback by last night’s last minute twist that (spoiler alert) Rachel had been suspended and couldn’t compete in Sectionals. While I understand the writers trying to ‘up the ante’ for the Sectionals competition, I do not like this being at the expense of Rachel.

You see, since the beginning of season 1, Rachel has always been played as a victim. Even when she is strong for one or two episodes, she is always taken back to being the ‘bad guy’. I understand that part of Rachel’s character is that she does things without thinking and regrets it later, but I wish the writers would come up with something more original with her. Other than that, I am happy they continue to acknowledge that Rachel does have flaws and does make mistakes, it’s something that continues to make me fall in love with her character even more. Now, onto what else I liked about Miss Berry from last night!

Favorite Rachel Performance: I Kissed A Girl

All of the girls in both Glee clubs coming together to support Santana when she was being heckled by a bully was absolutely brilliant. I always love Naya Rivera (Santana) and Lea Michele’s (Rachel) voices together so this song was a treat. The boys also seemed to be enjoying it…perhaps a little too much?

Favorite Rachel Quote: “I’ll have to move to New York without my best gay–what if I need an emergency makeover or a last-minute souflee?!”

As I’ve said almost a million times before, one of my favorite additions to season 3 of Glee is the friendship between Kurt and Rachel. Their dreams of stardom and all of their fabulousness together is a constant bright spot of Glee. It was especially nice to hear Rachel pledge her support to Kurt and I admittedly laughed out loud when she said this. Hummelberry Forever!

Favorite Rachel Moment: Standing Up For Santana & Kurt

One of the best things I adore from Rachel is that even though she can be selfish and a diva, she is always there for her friends and even her ‘enemies’. Take for example this episode, where Rachel stood up to a jock harassing Santana about being a lesbian and stuffed the ballot box so that Kurt would win the election and get into NYADA. Though the latter may have landed her in trouble, both were selfless acts that truly show how much Rachel values her friends. I was happy to see her stand up for them both and I hope we see more of this in the future!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Her ‘I Kissed A Girl’ Dress

Rachel’s Milly dress from the I Kissed A Girl Performance was so cute and definitely a unique piece in Rachel’s wardrobe! I didn’t expect to see Rachel wearing something like that, but I loved it!

What was your favorite part of I Kissed A Girl? Share in the comments section below!





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