American Horror Story: ‘Rubber Man’ Advanced Review

Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story, Rubber Man, is truly one of the show’s best. I found myself completely captivated by the entire thing. From all of the reveals (Hi, Rubber Man!) to the acting, everything and everyone was spot on.

Of course, the big draw of the night is that we finally find out who the mysterious person in the rubber suit is. I can’t tell you who it is, but I will leave you with three hints:

  • The person is someone we have seen on-screen before
  • The Rubber Man is actually a man
  • It is almost obvious who the person is, yet not at the same time.

I know you might be slightly confused, but you’ll have to tune in to find out what all this means! After the reveal of Rubber Man (towards the very beginning of the episode) I was left reeling more from exactly why he is doing what he is, not who was behind the mask.

Elsewhere, Vivien begins to come completely unhinged, as Hayden terrorizes her and tries her best to make Viv believe she is going crazy. Connie Britton is always an amazing actress, but the scenes where Vivien falls further and further into insanity are truly her best work yet. She better start preparing that Emmy speech!

Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears are back this episode as Chad and Patrick and their return provides a deeper insight into their relationship, including more information into what happened the night Rubber Man came for a visit.

The episode ends with a shocking turn of events, one that leaves me wondering just where the show will go from here. That’s the great thing about American Horror Story; just when you think you know it all, they throw a million more questions.

Watch American Horror Story tonight at 10pm/9c, only on FX! 


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