Advanced Review: American Horror Story Episode 3

After viewing tonight’s episode of American Horror Story, ‘Murder House’, I can officially say that this new show has gone from casual viewing to full on addiction.

Sure, the first two episodes were great and set up the plot perfectly; but after this episode, all the stakes are raised.

Murder House delves deeper in the mystery of the house and its previous inhabitants, as well as the intriguing backstory of Moira (the maid) and the Harmon’s nosy neighbor, Constance. This episode also addresses just why the Harmon family doesn’t leave their spooky house, even after all that has occurred while there. Though some of these secrets are solved, the episode will leave you with 10 more in their places; which is what I love so much about this show. You can always discuss the mystery and all the ‘what ifs?’ with other viewers and this one will definitely leave your jaw on the floor, especially the last ten minutes

Even if you haven’t really been into the show up until now, you should definitely consider giving tonight’s episode a chance. It might reel you back in–just like the Harmon’s house.

Catch episode 3 of American Horror Story tonight at 10pm–only on FX.


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