Rachel Berry Halloween Costume Guide 2.0

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time again for another Rachel Berry costume guide. Let’s face it, there’s no one better to be for Halloween than her! She has the cutest outfits and it would give you a chance to be a star–just like Rachel! Since the last costume guide, Rachel’s look has changed significantly! She’s added many vintage dresses, but she’s also kept many of her animal sweaters, knee socks, and penny loafers! Here’s some tips on how to dress like Rachel, with plenty of photos for inspiration!

Vintage Dresses

Rachel’s appearances in season 3 thus far have included many vintage dresses in plaid, stripes, and other patterns. Though hers are vintage, there are many dresses out there that match the look perfectly!


Rachel always loves wearing her animal or pattern sweaters and pairing them with a cute mini-skirt. It’s an adorable look, regardless of what the others at school might think!


Rachel has an array of cardigans in many different colors and patterns and she wears them with many different dresses/sweaters.

Knee Socks/Bright Tights

Rachel’s outfits are always topped off with colorful tights or patterned knee socks. They’re the icing on the cake of Rachel Berry perfection!


Throughout Glee’s entire run, Rachel’s been a huge fan of penny loafers. You can find them in many different colors, but classic black is a Rachel style staple! This season, Rachel’s leaned more towards pumps, in both black and white.


  • Headband are a must and they’re even better to include if you’re performing the Rachel Berry original song ‘My Headband’!
  • An ‘R’ necklace, Finn necklace, or gold star necklace will add extra Berry to any Rachel get-up!
  • A microphone is a must for all of your Halloween party/Trick ‘R’ Treat performances!
  • Gold star stickers to hand out to all the loyal fans you’re bound to run into on your Rachel Berry night out!
Photos for Inspiration

Helpful Websites








Final Tips

Confidence is key. Let all you run into know just how talented you are!

Let’s face it– there’s nothing Rachel loves more than impromptu performances. Don’t be afraid to bust out into song!

Almost all of Rachel’s outfits are a specific pattern–polka dots, bows, plaid, etc.

When selecting an outfit, think sexy-schoolgirl-librarian-chic!

If you’re going as Rachel for Halloween, please tweet me photos! 



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