My Top 5 Dream Rachel Solos

She’s performed everything from Broadway to classic rock during her time in the William McKinley Glee Club, but there’s still a few solos I’d like to see Rachel sing before she graduates at the end of season 3. Glee writers, take note! These are in no particular order, but I’ve had many of these ideas for quite some time.

1) Who Will Love Me As I Am? – Sideshow

This song, featured in the musical Sideshow speaks so very well to how Rachel feels. It’s sort of along the lines of Get It Right, but this song goes deeper with the singer wondering who will truly love her as she is? We’ve seen that Rachel can be an outsider and feel insecure from time to time and this would fit perfectly along those lines.

2) Mine – Taylor Swift

Whether you love Taylor Swift or hate her, you have to admit that this song is perfect for Rachel’s relationship with Finn. To her, he is her world. She has spent the last two years chasing after him and, as we saw at Nationals last season, they’re finally together and happy for a change. I can just picture a scene in the library with Finn talking about being unsure of his future and bam! she breaks out into this song, dedicated all to him.

3) People – Barbra Streisand

Given Rachel’s love for Barbra and Funny Girl, it’s practically necessary that she perform this song on Glee. It would be the perfect audition piece for a Nationals solo. Rachel’s been hesitant to fall in love or to be love after what happened with Shelby and this song would accurately convey all of those feelings.

4) Graduation (Friends Forever) – Vitamin C

Maybe it’s a little cliche, but this would be the perfect number for Rachel to sing as she and her fellow Glee clubbers graduated. I can picture Rachel beginning the song in the choir room, with the episode flashing forward as Rachel, Finn, Kurt, and the rest of our favorites walk across that stage in their caps and gowns. It brings tears to my eyes to even think about it!

5) Making Good – Wicked 

Let’s face it, Rachel is one of the biggest dreamers we know. She’s also one of the most bullied members of the Glee club. We’ve seen her slushied more times than we can keep track of now. We also know that Rachel has bigger plans than just living in Lima the rest of her life. That’s why this song, cut from Wicked before it premiered, would be absolutely perfect for Rachel. It’s the perfect way to say that, although the others may not believe in her, she believes in herself and she’s going to do so many great things in her life.

Do you agree with my selections? What others would you like to see Rachel perform? Share in the comments section below!



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