Clash Of The Glee Diva Titans: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Asian F’

Glee may have ended until November 1st, but Asian F certainly left us with many questions, surprises, and cliffhangers to mull over until it’s return. Asian F has been touted by many as ‘the best episode of Glee ever’ and, while I’m not sure I would go that far, it certainly contained quite an emotional punch. I was glad to see some of the overlooked characters (Mike/Mercedes) get stories and to get some more background information on both Mike and Emma’s pasts and why they are the way they are. It was Glee doing what Glee did best, combining both emotional storytelling with comedy and song, which isn’t an easy feat. On the Rachel front, she spent most of the episode battling Mercedes for the coveted role of Maria in another diva-off. While the diva-offs are a bit of a recycled plotline, this one seemed to have much more at stake, on both sides. I was happy to see Rachel being more of a team player here, at least for a little while. However, I definitely didn’t like how rude Mercedes was in response to Rachel only trying to be nice. Rachel’s actions at the end of the episode, entering herself into the race against Kurt and Brittany for senior class president, was one I didn’t see coming–nor is it one I’m sure I agree with.

You see, what I don’t seem to understand about Glee is that Rachel always ends up being the bad guy. Even when things go right for her, they never stay that way for long. She always ends up doing something that messes it all up. While it’s true to character (Get It Right, anyone?), I can’t help but feel this was a cheap trick on the writers’ part. Kurt and Rachel’s friendship was truly beginning to be one of the highlights of the season for me and I hate to see it cut short so quickly, but I digress.

Let’s take a look at what else our newly crowned Maria was up to this week!:

Favorite Rachel Performance: Out Here On My Own

As I said with Lea and Idina last week, I’m also a sucker for any Lea Michele/Amber Riley duets and this one made the top of the list. The s0ng was 100% relevant to the storyline (four for you, RIB!) and you could truly feel and see the emotions both were feeling. They knew what was at stake. They knew that this was the ultimate showdown. It certainly didn’t disappoint. PS- How cute was Finn when Rachel won the coin toss?

Favorite Rachel Quote: ” I need something for my senior year that’s going to make me special. Make me stand out.”

If there’s one thing Rachel has always wanted it was to be special. Countless times she’s expressed that being a part of something special makes you special and, throughout these three seasons, that’s one thing she’s always believed in. Though you may not understand why she does the things she does, I’m still happy to see the writers acknowledge that Rachel wants so badly to be special, even if it means friendships being cut short.

Favorite Rachel Moment: The Kindest Diva In All Of Lima

Even though Rachel took a few steps back at the end of the episode, the rest was filled with kind actions on Rachel’s part. She pledged her allegiance to Kurt and his campaign; she supported Mercedes in her quest to win the lead in West Side Story; and she offered to share the role of Maria with Mercedes. Rachel may be painted as a selfish diva from time-to-time, but she definitely wasn’t here. I was happy to see her support her friend, even when she wasn’t so kind to her in return.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Vintage Plaid Dress

I adore all of Rachel’s dresses this season, including this plaid dress she wore towards the end of the episode. Lou Eyrich has completely outdone herself here. However, many of Rachel’s newest dresses aren’t new at all–they’re vintage. Hopefully some look-a-likes will start popping up, because this dress is too cute not to own!


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