POLL: Who deserves the role of Maria?

Next week’s episode, Asian F, sees the final showdown between two long dueling divas: Rachel and Mercedes. Critics are calling this the ‘best episode of Glee ever’, so this is definitely one that can’t be missed.

Before the episode airs, I want to know: Which of the divas truly deserves the role of Maria?

Vote in the poll below and leave a comment as to why you voted the way you did!



3 thoughts on “POLL: Who deserves the role of Maria?

  1. I think Rachel should get the role of Maria! She is perfect for the part and she would do it justice. It would be nice to see Rachel get the experience that she deserves! I think leading the school musical will also be great for her college resume. 😀

  2. Rachel- she suits the part more. As said by Jesse, Mercedes can be lazy and might not put in as much effort. Rachel wants this really badly because she thinks she will need it to help her future…… She will put in a crazy amount of effort. I prefer Rachel as a singer and would love her to get the part.

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