Senior Year, Food Fights, and Big Dreams: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘The Purple Piano Project’

Glee returned in full force for season 3 last night and I can confidently say that, should this be an indication of upcoming episodes, this will be the show’s best season yet! I loved every single moment of the episode and I’m glad to see Glee is finally starting with story arcs again. Rachel’s senior year certainly started off quite eventful, so let’s get into what I loved from our favorite diva this episode!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

All I can say is: perfection! Kurt and Rachel might be Glee’s (dare I say it) better version of Will and Grace after this smashing performance. I loved their fun, upbeat take on this Wizard Of Oz classic and I couldn’t help but smile at yet another nod to Wicked and their Elphaba/Glinda dynamic.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “No one ever became a star by playing it safe.”

Let’s face it, if there’s one goal Rachel has it is to be a star. Which is why it’s so refreshing to continually hear and see Rachel chase after her big dreams. Glee may have its share of inconsistencies, but, luckily, Rachel’s Broadway/New York dream isn’t one of them. This quote also reflects Rachel determination to get where she wants, regardless of what she has to do to get there, which is something I’ll forever admire in the character.

Favorite Rachel Moment: Kurt and Rachel’s Car Scene

In what was one of the most funny yet poignant scenes of the entire series, Kurt and Rachel retreated to her car to discuss that maybe they aren’t as unique as they had originally thought. It was sad to see both of them so discouraged, but the scene was one of Glee’s most realistic and I was happy to hear them both promise that, regardless, they are going to fight for their dreams. I can’t wait to see where Hummelberry goes from here!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Trina Turk Dress

We’ve seen Rachel wearing this dress in many different promotional photos and ads and I absolutely adore it! The bow detail and the pattern are classic Rachel and I’m glad to see Rachel’s ‘sexy schoolgirl librarian chic’ will be continuing into season 3! Her dress, as ID’d by, can be purchase online or in Trina Turk stores.

Final Thoughts:

Glee is back and better than ever! From all of the Hummelberry to the new characters (Sugar! Harmony! Marcus!), Glee seems to truly be getting back to basics. And, as the song goes, you can’t stop the beat!

What was your favorite moment from last night’s premiere? Share in the comments section below!


One thought on “Senior Year, Food Fights, and Big Dreams: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘The Purple Piano Project’

  1. I would love to hear your more of your personal thoughts on Rachel’s future both in New York and with Finn. You seem to be of the position that she doesn’t have to choose between them, and I agree completely!

    P.S. I believe you used to have a Facebook page but I couldn’t find it – did you delete?

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