Funerals, Baby Fat, And Auditions! Oh My!: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Funeral’

Funeral was always touted as being an extremely sad episode, one that we Gleeks wouldn’t soon forget and it certainly lived up to that promise. After much speculation, we finally found last night that Sue’s sister, Jean, was the one who passed away. This was only the beginning of the poignant episode full of tears, twists, and more. Now that everyone has dried their eyes and put away their tissues after last night’s moving, emotional, and completely heart wrenching episode of Glee, let’s begin looking at what I loved about Rachel this week!

Favorite Rachel Performance: My Man

Hands down one of the best (if not THE best) performances Lea Michele has ever given. She was pitch perfect and you could truly feel and sense the emotion behind the song. I swear Lea’s got an endless supply of tears specifically for times like these! The fact that she was thinking of Finn during the song made this even more raw and real, something I absolutely love about Lea’s solos.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “So much has changed. I didn’t have my bangs, I never had a boyfriend, and I still had a tiny layer of baby fat. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – my dreams.”

It was nice to see Rachel acknowledge that, although so much has changed over the years, she’s still holding onto those big dreams of being a star. It’s another testament to Rachel’s character and just how amazing she is!

Favorite Rachel Moment: The Voiceover Homage

In a perfect flashback to the pilot, many of the Glee clubbers auditioned for the coveted Nationals solo, leading to another of Rachel’s always fabulous voiceovers. It amazed me to think how far each of them has come and it was nice to see Rachel reflecting on that. Even better? The return of the gold star sticker!

Favorite Rachel Outfit: “My Man” Dress

Thanks to Dana from, we know this dress is a (very expensive) Zac Posen dress.

Final Thoughts:

Glee definitely hit all the right notes this week. I love that it can balance emotionally heavy moments with laughs and songs, blending the three together seamlessly. Jane Lynch blew me away with her performance last night as Sue was completely unsure of how to deal with her sister’s death. Jesse was a total jerk, but I’m always impressed with Jonathan Groff so it’s difficult not to like him. Although Quinn and Finn have broken up, the road back to Finchel won’t be easy. I’m quite interested to see what’s going to happen!

Next week, Glee’s going to New York! It’s the season finale and the moment we’ve all been waiting for for two seasons! I’m sure there will be no shortage of drama, laughs, and plenty of cliffhangers! What do you want to see happen in New York? Share in the comments section below!



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