Returns, Slaps, and Lots of Dancing: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Prom Queen’

Glee went to Prom last night and there was certainly plenty of drama that followed them there! From big returns (Jesse!) to shocking confrontations (Quinn slaps Rachel!) no one was left unscathed. With Jesse coming back

Favorite Rachel Performance: Jar Of Hearts

Though we’ve seen Rachel singing many moving songs before, Jar Of Hearts was certainly one of her best. Rachel’s pain was expressed perfectly during her performance as she watched Quinn and Finn dance. It was if she was crying out to Finn and singing it right to him and that’s what made it so poignant and emotional.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “Kind of like a three way date, but not the dirty kind.” 

Okay, who else started laughing when Rachel said this? It was such a funny comment that I just couldn’t stop cracking up! Leave it to Rachel to have us all smiling and laughing along with her!

Favorite Rachel Moment: The Kindest Diva That Ever Lived

I couldn’t pick just one favorite Rachel moment this episode, because the entire time Rachel proved just how much she has grown as a character. She helped convince Sam and Mercedes to go to Prom with her as each other’s dates.  Though Jesse broke her heart and egged her, she forgave him when he returned. She helped Finn pick out Quinn’s corsage even though she still loves him. She even forgave Quinn for slapping her in the bathroom. All in all, Rachel amazed me with just how selfless she was being. She’s certainly come a long way from the Pilot episode.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: The Prom Dress

Since this was an episode dedicated to Prom, it’s only fair to dedicate my Favorite Outfit to Rachel’s ‘Pretty In Pink’ beautiful tulle prom dress! Thanks once again to the always fabulous, we know that you can get this dress from Betsey Johnson!

Final Thoughts:

Prom Queen was definitely one of Glee’s best episodes yet! All of the twists, the drama, the comedy, the musical numbers, it was all perfect! Everyone’s acting was spot on, specifically Max Adler (Karofsky), Chris Colfer (Kurt), and Naya Rivera (Santana). If only everyone’s prom was this interesting!

Next week’s episode is titled Funeral, which can’t mean good things for our favorite Glee clubbers. Who do you think will be biting the dust? Share with me in the comments section below!



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