You Need The Music: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Rumours’

Last night’s Glee was all about rumors and they were certainly running rampant throughout the episode! From rumors of Kurt and Sam to Mr. Schuester, no one was unaffected by Sue’s Muckrackers. While the actual episode may have been about gossip, the music was all about Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album, one of my all-time favorites!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Go Your Own Way

Putting her own feminine twist of the classic Fleetwood Mac song, Rachel’s version of Go Your Own Way was the perfection song selection to express her feelings over the break-up with Finn and to make for a very jealous Quinn. Once again, the chemistry between Lea and Cory shines through.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “I never understood why you got back with her. “

Echoing the sentiments of everyone, Rachel asked Finn the one thing we’d all been wondering since he and Quinn reunited: Why was it so easy for him to forgive Quinn when he couldn’t do the same for her? Though we may not have gotten a definite answer, I was glad to see Rachel speak for all of the fans here.

Favorite Rachel Moment: The Finchel Stakeouts 

Whether it be discussing their relationship or Rachel explaining karma to Finn, I loved every single second of their stakeouts! Clearly, the sparks are still there and I was glad to see our lead couple back in action, at least in some capacity.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Forever 21 Flowy Chiffon Top

Thanks once again to, we know that Rachel’s top from Go Your Own Way can be purchased on the Forever 21 website! I loved the ruffled edges and the color is super cute! Although not typical Rachel, it was nice to see something different this time around.

Final Thoughts: Although the beginning of the episode left me wondering just how this would all turn out, I ended up loving ‘Rumours’. Getting an inside view into Sam’s life was nice and very unexpected and heartbreaking. The little Finchel moments with the stakeout and all the looks was just amazing. Brittany and Santana continue to become one of my favorite couples on the show and Naya Rivera kills it every time! I was also impressed with Chord Overstreet (Sam) this episode, when he cried in the hotel in front of Finn and Rachel I may or may not have shed a few tears and the group buying his guitar back is truly what Glee is all about!

Next week, the Glee club goes to prom and there’s going to be no shortage of drama. Jesse’s back! A Rachel/Quinn bathroom showdown! A shocking ending! Trust me, this is one episode you won’t want to miss!

Is it next Tuesday yet?



2 thoughts on “You Need The Music: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Rumours’

  1. Sabotaging a relationship is wrong, no matter how much you love someone. What if it was Quinn in your shoes and you in hers, and she was trying to sabotage you and Finn? You wouldn’t like THAT very much, would you? It’s morally wrong. And I know you have morals.

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