All I’ve Ever Wanted Was To Feel Special: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Original Song’


That’s all I can say after last night’s Glee. I was truly blown away by it all. From the Klaine kiss to Rachel’s confrontation with Quinn, the episode was filled to the brim with action and excitement! Now, onto my review of our MVP!

Favorite Rachel Song: Get It Right

Seriously, was there any doubt that Rachel’s original song would be amazing? I was so touched and moved by her song and a lot of the credit goes to Lea Michele’s spectacular stage presence and the song writing and composition of Adam Anders. Rachel’s song perfectly describes her and it will go down as one of my all time favorite show moments.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special, and to feel chosen, and… I just… I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that. That’s all.”

In the very first episode of Glee, Rachel says that ‘being a part of something special makes you special’ and I as glad to see the show come full circle after their Regionals win and for Rachel to win MVP and finally see her realize how special she is and how much support she has behind her. I must admit, I may have shed a tear or two…or three….or four…..

Favorite Rachel Moment: Writing Through The Tears

Though it was a very difficult scene to watch, Rachel’s confrontation with Quinn and the subsequent scene of Rachel writing her original song through tears was very powerful. It gave viewers a sense of just how much this meant to Rachel and it really set the tone for the actual performance later on in the episode.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: Jenny Yoo Dress and Doc Marten Boots

Lou Eyrich pulls out another fabulous outfit combination with the Jenny Yoo Nina dresses customized for the New Directions girls and paired with their Doc Marten boots. I loved the alterations Lou made and, though the boots may be different than what many would have chosen, the uniqueness of it all fit perfectly with Glee’s Loser Like Me number.

Final Thoughts: After such an amazing episode, I’m sad to hear that Glee isn’t going to be on again until mid-April. However, I’m quite excited to see New Directions prepare for Nationals in New York as well as the return of some characters from the past.

That’s all for now! What was your favorite part from Original Song? Share in the comments section below!



One thought on “All I’ve Ever Wanted Was To Feel Special: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘Original Song’

  1. This truly was one of my all time favorite episodes because it was definitely a moment for Rachel to shine and to have the recognition she deserved from the Gleeks. Loved this episode and am excited to see where things head next with April’s episodes!

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