REVIEW: Rachel’s Season 2 Necklaces

Hello again!

It’s time for another exciting product review. This week, I’m focusing on Rachel’s season 2 necklaces, made by the always wonderful Ryan Ryan Jewelry. Ryan Ryan makes all of the necklaces that Rachel has worn in season 2, from her R initial pendant first seen in Audition to her Star and Diamond necklace she received from Finn in Silly Love Songs. These pieces were created exclusively for Glee and commissioned by costume designer Lou Eyrich. Ryan Ryan Jewelry sent me two products, the R initial pendant and the Star and Diamond necklace both in yellow gold, just like Rachel’s!

Both necklaces come packaged safely in a cute pink box and are shipped Priority Mail, so you receive it in 2-3 days after you order is shipped!

Rachel’s R initial pendant comes in any initial and prices start at $149. The Rachel Star and Diamond Necklace can be purchased with or without the diamond and prices start at $119 (without diamond) and $195 (with diamond).

These necklaces are the perfect accent to any outfit and you’ll constantly be reminded of Rachel and Glee each and every time you wear them. They are definitely conversation pieces, you’ll surely get asked about them all the time and it’s even a great chance to talk about everyone’s favorite TV show choir!

Each of the necklaces can be purchased in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold and there are also different karats available for each.

In addition to the two necklaces featured here, Ryan Ryan also makes Rachel’s Finn necklace, which can be purchased in any name. Hopefully I have the chance to review this necklace next!

I can’t speak highly enough of Ryan Ryan and Ken (the customer service contact and representative of Ryan Ryan Jewelry). They are both kind and Ken will respond to any questions you have about the necklaces.

If you want to purchase your own Ryan Ryan necklaces and, trust me, you will, head on over to their online store and pick one up for yourself or someone special today!

Use the code POSS at checkout for an additional 15% off your entire order!



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