Baby, you’re a firework: My Rachel-centric Review of Silly Love Songs

Two episodes of Glee in one week, how perfect is that?! Once again, I was very impressed with the episode! The songs fit perfectly, the lines were laugh out loud funny, the stories moved along at a good pace, and, most importantly, the Rachel Berry we know and love finally returned! Although we may have (hopefully only temporarily) lost Finchel, I’m glad to see Rachel regain herself, so to speak. With all that happened this episode, it’s going to be a very interesting half of the season, that’s for sure!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Firework

Definitely the best part of the episode, Rachel’s amazing rendition of Katy Perry’s hit song definitely left me smiling! The song was the absolute perfect way to show that our driven Rachel had finally returned. I literally cannot get over how amazing the song and the scene were!

Favorite Rachel quote: ‎”Thank you. You’ve given me the strength to move on. I know now that there’s nothing here for me anymore. Now I’m free to pursue my dreams without anything holding me back.”

If you couldn’t already tell, I adored everything about Rachel on Tuesday night (as I do every episode!). However, seeing Rachel realize that it was finally time to move on from Finn, at least for the time being, and seeing her realize she deserved more was another one of those perfect scenes that Glee always leaves me in awe of. Most of the credit goes to Lea’s acting here, because it was brilliant!

Favorite Rachel moment: The Sleepover

Okay, how cute was that Kurt/Rachel/Mercedes sleepover scene?! Seeing that these three divas were now friends and the talks they had about being single were a very special moment during the episode’s craziness. Once again, Glee proves that it’s the subtle scenes and character interaction it does best. My favorite part? Hearing Rachel’s plan to get Finn to kiss her by using a one hundred dollar bill!

Favorite Rachel outfit: Bow Front Diamond Print Dress

This Forever 21 dress looked beautiful on Lea! I love the bow accents and the diamond print, and the blue, all of it is wonderful! Sadly, this is another dress that’s out of stock online. Visit your local Forever 21 soon and see if they have any available!

Final Thoughts: Glee is back and better than ever! I’ve loved everything about these past few episodes and I’m glad to see a return to plot rather than to guest stars or tribute episodes!

Next week, Glee takes on Bieber, Sue’s joining the club, and Rachel’s got a plan to get into the McKinley High social stratosphere!

What are you most excited for? Share in the comments section below!



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