Football team! Football team!: My Rachel-centric Review of ‘The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle’

That sound you’re all currently hearing is the collective sigh of Gleeks everywhere, because our show is finally back–and in a BIG way! Yesterday may have been Super Bowl Sunday, but we all know the real reason everyone celebrated was the return of Glee!

First of all, let me say that I was blown away by last night’s episode. It was nothing short of amazing and I was very impressed with everything: the acting, the songs, the choreography, the costumes and makeup, the hilarious one liners, EVERYTHING was great…aside from that ending, which I won’t get into.

Now, onto the Rachel-centric review!

Favorite Rachel Performance: Need You Now

Although the first musical performance in the jam packed episode, Puckleberry’s first duet to Lady Antebellum’s Need You was brilliant! Maybe it wasn’t the best song to convince the jocks Glee club was cool, but Mark and Lea’s voices blended perfectly together. In my opinion, it was far better than the original.

Favorite Rachel quote: “As offended as I am by their presence here, I won’t let anything get in the way of a performance”

Once again proving just why we all love her, Rachel won’t let anything stand in the way of a performance, not even some Neanderthal football players. That’s the Rachel we know and love so much!

Favorite Rachel moment: Rachel + Football = PERFECTION

From explaining the girl’s football strategy (“We’re just going to lie there!”) to her excited expression walking onto the football field with pride, the entire premise of Rachel playing football was absolutely hilarious! Definitely some of the funniest moments of the episode!

Favorite Rachel outfit: Anthropologie Refined Cord Shirt Dress

However simple it may be, this dress was absolutely adorable. Not sure why, but I am quite fond of this dress. Sadly, it is no longer available at Anthropologie. Time to scour eBay, Gleeks!

Final Thoughts: All I have to say is WELCOME BACK, GLEE! This episode was the perfect beginner to the second half of the season. I loved all the character development that went on with each character, the songs, all of it!

What did you think of the episode? Favorite performance? Quote? Share in the comments section below!



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