A Very Glee-ful Holiday: Glee Books

Hello, once again! It’s time for another Very Glee-ful Holiday post, this time featuring Glee books!

First up, we have Don’t Stop Believin’: The Unofficial Guide To Glee:

Written by my friends Suzie Gardner and Erin Basler (from Gleeks United and Glee Dork, respectively), this unofficial guide has everything for new and old Gleeks alike. Featuring cast interviews, episode recaps, and even a section on our very own RP group, you’re sure to have a wonderful time reading this book! I’ve written my own review of the book, which you can find on the site, and I can certainly attest to just how great this is! I encourage you all to pick up a copy for yourself or a Gleeky friend or family member ASAP!

Next up, we have Glee: The Beginning:

The first in a series of Glee novels, this prequel to the Glee television show is a fun insight into everyone’s favorite Gleeks before they were New Directions and before Mr. Schuester was their fearless leader. How did Quinn and Finn get together? When did she and Puck start their flirtation and romance? When did Rachel first fall for Finn? All of these questions and more are answered here! Be sure to look out for the second novel, Glee: Foreign Exchange in February 2011.

Finally, we have Filled With Glee: The Unauthorized Glee Companion.

Featuring an interesting insight into Glee and its characters in the form of essays by different fans of the show, this book is a nice twist to the Glee books we’ve come accustomed to seeing. I love that it has more than just character guides or episode recaps, it even includes chapters on how to create your own Glee club and examinations on just why Glee is so succesful.

Next week’s Glee-ful Holiday will be a mega post, featuring many other Glee gifts that I’ve yet to feature. Stay tuned!



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