Rachel Berry Style Staples: Rachel’s ‘Finn’ necklace

It’s time again for another Rachel Berry Style Staples post. This week, we’re taking a look at Rachel’s Finn nameplate necklace. Rachel wears this throughout season 2 and it’s become almost a part of her.

However, due to their break-up, Rachel removed the necklace at the end of Special Education.

For those of you who want to show off your love for everyone’s favorite quarterback turned Glee clubber, you can get your own necklace just like Rachel’s!

Although you can purchase one from the same company who made the exact one Rachel wears on the show, their nearly $400 asking price, you can get one MUCH cheaper from Wow! Imports.

This company, specializing in personalized jewelry, created a Finn necklace for me and they did an excellent job! Take a look below for the finished product, which I absolutely love!

To order one, visit this link. If you get your own, be sure to let me know!

What do you think of the necklace? Will you be picking one up for yourself or a friend? Share in the comments section below!



4 thoughts on “Rachel Berry Style Staples: Rachel’s ‘Finn’ necklace

  1. I just contacted them! 🙂
    I will be purchasing one as a Christmas gift to myself. Thank you SO much for posting this! I have been searching for a cheap Finn necklace.

  2. I actually just ordered a necklace that looks just like the Finn one except with my boyfriends name =] I was rewatching Glee and decided I needed one!

  3. I clicked the link, but it didn’t work 😦 what is the site called? Thank you for this post, I’ve been looking everywhere for a necklace like that one!

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