A Very Glee-ful Holiday: WonderlandContraband’s Glee Charm Necklaces

For this week’s Glee-ful Holiday, I wanted to feature a lesser known Glee product that I think you’ll all enjoy.

On Etsy, a shop where people sell many of their own handmade crafts, there is a store known as WonderlandContraband. Their store is full of handmade charm necklaces featuring many of your favorite characters! They have everything from Elphaba to Alice in Wonderland and each piece is made to order just for you!

They also make these fabulous Glee figures, which would make a very unique for the Gleek in your life this holiday season. They currently have two available, but they do take character requests. You could have them make the entire Glee club for your favorite person as a special gift!

The detail is truly amazing, as you’ll see from the photos of their Sunshine Corazon figure.

I encourage all of you to head over to their website and see all of their truly wonderful charm necklaces. If you don’t find one you like, go ahead ahd request your own!



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