A Very Glee-ful Holiday: EXCLUSIVE first look at the Glee sleepwear sets

Icon by @BrittNicole

It’s time again for another Very Glee-ful Holiday post. In this installment, I’m giving my loyal fans an exclusive first look at Briefly Stated Inc.’s Glee sleepwear sets. They were kind enough to send me some sets to feature here, before they even hit stores!

The first set is the Super Gleek set. Perfect for those who love Glee and gold stars (like myself). Let’s take a closer look at the shirt and pants:

Show the world that you aren’t just a Gleek, you’re a SUPER Gleek with this fabulous set! The colors are so perfect together and I adore this set.

The second set I received was the Glee set, as seen here:

I must admit, this set is a favorite of mine. The design is fantastic and I love the plethora of colors included here.

These sets are so wonderful! The fleece of the pants is so soft and you’ll find yourself wearing them all the time. The long sleeved shirts will certainly help keep you warm this winter, all the while showing off just how much you love Glee!

There are 3 other sets that you can choose from, so if you don’t like either of these, I’m sure you’ll find one you do like at Macy’s. Speaking of, these sets will be available exclusively at Macy’s in December and will retail for $34.99.

As usual, if you didn’t find a gift you liked in this post, never fear! There are many more Glee-ful Holiday posts to come!



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