Rachel Berry Style Staples: TonsOfSocks.com’s knee high socks

Throughout both seasons and and two, we’ve seen many of the same things from Rachel: An indescribably perfect singing voice, the drive to succeed, and fabulous outfits. Whether you love them or you hate them, Rachel’s outfits are all so unique and different. I, for one, adore them. Which is why I’m introducing a new feature here on the blog, Rachel Berry Style Staples. Each post, I’ll be looking at certain aspects of Rachel’s outfits, from head to toe.

For my first post, we’re looking at her infamous knee socks. Rachel wears a pair of these in almost every episode, each more different than the last. She has solid colored ones, polka dot ones, heart ones, and many more!

TonsOfSocks.com sells plenty pairs of knee socks and they definitely include some that Rachel has worn or that she may soon be wearing in upcoming episodes. I adore them!

Let’s take a look at a few pairs, shall we?

Here we have the Blue/Yellow argyle pair:

I could definitely see Rachel wearing these, as argyle is clearly one of her favorite patterns. We have seen her wear it many times, especially during season 1.  They are my favorite of the pairs I received, the yellow and blue compliment each other perfectly!

Next up, we have the Basic Black Slinky Knee Highs:

With portions of the sales on these going to environmental organizations that support an end to global warming, you’re sure to feel good about purchasing these. However, these socks, which are made of recycled cotton, don’t feel or look as good as regular knee highs. I’d much rather stick to the regular ones, although I do admire them for having such earth-conscious pairs.

Finally, we have the Dark Green and Kelly knee highs:

Rachel loves her patterns (argyle, polka dots, stripes) and this certainly go along with that, for lack of a better word, pattern. I love the stripes and they look absolutely fabulous when you wear them! You’re sure to get many compliments on these.

I encourage all of you to head over to TonsOfSocks.com and take a look at their many different knee socks. They have many different patterns, designs, and colors. You’re sure to find a pair you absolutely adore!



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