Win a Glee DJ Bag from!

I’m back with another exciting giveaway! This time, you have a chance to win this Glee DJ Bag courtesy of!

You can enter only one way this time, by leaving a comment on this post detailing just why you want this bag!

That’s it! Once you done, you’re entered to win. You can only leave one comment, more than one will disqualify you from the drawing. Also, you must be living in the US or Canada to win.

I hope you’ll all take the time to enter the contest because this bag is absolutely amazing! It’s perfect for showing off your Gleek pride!

Contest begins now and ends next Tuesday (November 9th) at 7PM EST, right before a brand new episode of Glee!

Good luck to all!



18 thoughts on “Win a Glee DJ Bag from!

  1. I will love to win this bag because I don’t own anything(like a shirt, bag, etc)to show my gleek pride. besides I need a new bag for school and this one would be just perfect, it’s cool and gleeky<3 thanks, X

  2. Wow, what an awesome bag!! Why do I want it?? Why DON’T I want it????? For one thing, I am a merch whore, and glee being my #1 fandom I want anything and everything to do with it! Plus, I LOVE shoulder bags like no other type of bag! My favorite now is a grey one I have, but it’s just grey and boring. A Glee one is SO awesome. I would get to use my favorite type of bag plus advertise my favorite show of all time. And finally…and perhaps one of the most important reasons…it has Rachel Berry/Lea Michele’s face on it. I mean really. This bag is like…the mother of all bags.

    Well I think I’ve made this long enough. I’m pretty sure now you have a sufficient understanding of the level of wantedness I have for this bag.

  3. I would love to win this bag because I don’t have anything to express my Gleek pride! Also, I’m a college student, which means I have very little spending money for things I want, especially after textbooks and food. I also don’t have a bag currently to carry my books, so I’m stuck walking around campus carrying 5-6 books at a time in my arms, as well as my binder and computer! It’s a disaster waiting to happen, so I’d really love this bag to show off my Glee fandom and also to take some of the load off 🙂

  4. I would like to enter to win this bag for my friend Amanda she’s a Gleek of course and she goes to college so it would help her out since i believe her other bag to be dead even if she wont admit it and if i do win it im thinking its a perfect Christmas gift for her 😀

  5. I would Love to win this bag because I would be able to show my gleek pride everyday. Plus I need a new bag to take all my things to work since my other one is falling apart and a glee inspired bag is perfect! 🙂

  6. Hey,

    I’ve been a Gleek since day one, watching every ep and sending Hulu clips to friends and family and making them watch every last one of them. I’ve gotten 6 people to start watching Glee. I really would like to own the Glee DJ Bag for many reasons, I would love to buy one myself, but being a sometimes (most of the time) broke Actress, can’t afford it, sadly.

    I feel as thought Glee sends a good message to teenagers who are different, and which it would of been on while I was younger, as though I feel it would of made me feel better growing up different.

    This RPG is the most amazing one by far, how much you all stay true to the show and people of Glee. I really enjoying reading every tweet!

    So, thank you for your time. I’ll shutup now. XD

    Have a GREAT day!

    -Brittany B-Gleek

  7. You guys are TOTALLY awesome. Went to Comic Con this year to see you guys. Arrived at the convention center at 5:30 AM with my kids (Elena 9 and Nick 6 who love to sing Glee songs) and waited for doors to open. Got a raffle ticket and sadly lost. My kids were still super stoked to see everyone on the panel though.
    We are hardcore Gleeks and would definitely appreciate the bag!

  8. I’m a SUPER HUGE GLEEK and I’m a Computer Science major in college and I think it would make going to school that much more interesing and exciting if I carried my laptop in this bag. I’d be the talk of the college. Something Rachel Berry would be proud of. And definitely Gold Star worthy. 🙂

  9. I would LOVE to win this amazing Glee bag:) Why might you ask? It would be the perfect addition to my Glee collection. Also, I am the equivalent to Rachel Berry here in my town and I would adore being able to carry this bag around to auditions. My scripts/albums/notes/dance shoes/etc would all fit and I’d look super fantastic carrying it!

    Thank you so much for your time!


  10. I WANNA WIN! cause in Canada, we don’t get things like this unless we pay a ton of extra money to ship it. And it would be awesome to win!

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