Exclusive Interview With Lauren Boles (Young Rachel)!


Lauren Boles, who’s set to play young Rachel in a flashback on the November 16th episode of Glee took some time out of her day to answer a few of my questions. Read on for her responses as to how meeting Lea and Jane was, as well as what song she’d like to sing on Glee:

How did you land the role of young Rachel on Glee?

I just went to the audition and got the part.

What was it like working on Glee?

It was amazing to meet the actors and actresses.

Will you be featured in any more episodes this season?

I hope so!

What was it like meeting the cast (Lea, Jane, etc.)?

It was very fun! It was so exciting to meet Lea. She was so so nice to me. Jane looked really pretty and was very nice to me even though she is mean on the show.

If you were to perform a song on Glee, what would you choose?

I would like to sing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, the Time Warp and Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

Can you give us any hints about your scenes in the flashback?
It’s very funny. You’ll just have to watch!

Had you watched Glee before being cast as young Rachel?

I had seen it two times.

Will we hear you sing in the flashback as young Rachel?



I’d like to thank Lauren for answering my questions. For more on this talented young actress visit her official website, LaurenBoles.com



One thought on “Exclusive Interview With Lauren Boles (Young Rachel)!

  1. That’s so cool that you got to interview Lauren! She is by far the most exciting thing to happen to season 2 in my opinion (I’ve been wanting to see more young Rachel since the tap scene in the Pilot) and Lauren is clearly the best choice for the role. It’s too bad we won’t hear her sing, but perhaps hopefully in the future!

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