There’s A Light: My Rachel-centric review of ‘The Rocky Horror Glee Show’

I’m back again for another episode review! I know it’s a bit late, but tonight I’ll be reviewing The Rocky Horror Glee show! Since this episode was less focused on Rachel, this review will be fairly short.

Favorite Rachel Performance: There’s A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)

Although the full performance was not shown, those who’ve heard Lea’s full version of the song know just how fabulous it is! I find this song stuck in my head every day and I can’t help but sing it out loud.

Favorite Rachel Outfit: The Janet dress/cardigan

Such a simple outfit, but Rachel definitely made it work. So cute! Her channeling Janet was absolutely perfect!

A close second: The ‘Whatever Happened To Saturday Night’ dress.

Favorite Rachel moment: The talk with Finn

Another adorable Finn/Rachel moment, Rachel explains to Finn that he doesn’t have to ‘ab-ulous’ (a term coined by Sam), because she loves him anyway. He’s perfect just the way he is and Rachel made sure he knew that.

Final Thoughts:

The Pros: Overall, I did enjoy the Rocky Horror Glee Show. The songs they picked were great, the costumes were spectacular, and I was glad to see some plot involved. The story involving Finn’s issues with his body isn’t something you often see portrayed on television, but leave it to Glee to tackle it with humor, while also shining light on the topic. Emma’s Touch A Touch A Touch me was so amazing, Jayma was perfect!

The Cons: However, I did not enjoy most of the Will storyline. Making your kids do the Rocky Horror Picture Show only to get a girl back who has moved on with someone else isn’t very appropriate for a school teacher. Sam turning into Puck 2.0 was very out of character, given last episode’s Avatar-loving geek we were introduced to.

Well, Gleeks, what did you think of the episode? Favorite scenes? Performances? Quotes?

Share them in the comments section below!





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