REVIEW: Glee iPhone/Laptop Skins

Hello, adoring fans! I’m back again with another exciting Glee product review. This time, I’ll be looking at the Glee iPhone and laptop skins, as well as the ‘techno tats’ by Santa Barbara Design Studio. Here we go!

I received three iPhone skins, one laptop skin, and one set of techno tats. Let’s take a closer look at each of them, shall we?

First up (and most important, if I do say so myself!) we have the Rachel iPhone skin.

Isn’t it lovely? Yes, yes it is! Featuring this talented star, a gold star, and the words ‘super gleek’, this iPhone skin is my absolute favorite (I’m not biased in the least).

Next up, I received the Finn iPhone skin:

This skin is perfect for showing just how much I care for Finn, just to make sure everyone at school realizes it. It’s also perfect for those people who love Cory Monteith or Finn and aren’t actually dating them.

Also included was the ‘Join The Club’ iPhone skin:

Featuring the signature ‘loser’ hand and the words ‘Join The Club’, this skin would be perfect for when we are trying to recruit new members (Or, as I like to call them, background singers).

Here we have the Don’t Stop Believing laptop skin:

This skin, featuring Don’t Stop Believing and the signature ‘loser hand’, will fit most 15 and 17 inch laptops. It’s a good reminder to never give up. The Glee club certainly hasn’t and we’re well on our way to Nationals.

Finally, we have a set of ‘Join The Club’ techno tats.

These are perfect for any iPods, netbooks, video game consoles, guitars, anything! They go almost anywhere and because they are so versatile, you can change their location around all the time!

Here’s a better look at what the iPhone skins look like on your phone. I, of course, used the Rachel skin:

The front of the phone…

…and the back. Absolutely fabulous!

To find out more on the Glee skins, as well as purchase these items and many more, visit Santa Barbara Design Studio‘s website.

Final Thoughts: The Glee skins by Santa Barbara Design Studio are another fantastic way to show off your Gleek pride. Featuring many of our favorite characters and quotes, there’s definitely something for everyone on their website. Prices are affordable, ranging from $7.45 to $21.95. They are definitely conversation pieces and a great way to meet fellow Glee fans!

Which skin is your favorite? Will you be picking one up for yourself or for someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!



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