Papa, Can You Hear Me?: My Rachel-centric review of ‘Grilled Cheesus’

I’m back again for another review! This time, reviewing last night’s Glee episode, Grilled Cheesus. In short, I was very impressed in how the controversial subject matter was handled. Each religion was examined, from being very spiritual (Mercedes/Quinn) to having no religion at all (Kurt/Sue). I was moved to tears quite a few times and this episode reminded me of just why I fell in love with Glee in the first place. Let’s get into the Rachel-centric review now, shall we?

Favorite Rachel Outfit: ‘Papa, Can You Hear Me’ scene

I absolutely loved everything about Rachel’s look in this scene. Everything from her hair to the clothes, it was all beautiful. I’m convinced Lea Michele could wear a potato sack and look stunning. On that same note…

Favorite Rachel Performance: Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Every time Lea is given a song by the great Barbra Streisand, you can be guaranteed it’s going to be amazing, and this song was no exception. The performance gave me chills and I loved the transition from the park with Finn to Burt Hummel’s hospital room, as she tried singing to bring him back to consciousness. Just beautiful, that’s the only way to describe it.

Favorite Rachel Quote: “I want this relationship to go the distance. But I need to know that when I’m 25, and I’ve won a bunch of Tonys, and I’m ready to have intercourse and babies, that those babies will be raised in a certain way.”

Showing us once again just how determined and driven Rachel is, this sole quote maps out her entire life (at least until she’s 25!). She’s only 16, but already has a plan on how her children will be raised faith-wise, when she’s going to be ready for children, and all the Tonys she’s going to win.

And that’s a wrap! What did you think of last night’s episode? Which scene(s) brought you to tears? Share your thoughts in the comments!



One thought on “Papa, Can You Hear Me?: My Rachel-centric review of ‘Grilled Cheesus’

  1. Papa Can You Hear Me was AMAZING. I already loved that song and it was nice to hear Lea sing without being auto-tuned…I love her voice so much more when they don’t make it all poppy and stuff and stuff..

    But all I saw during “One Of Us” was the fact that Finn was eating a week-old, burnt grilled cheese sandwich.

    That can’t be safe. >_>

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