A Closer Look: Claire’s Inspired By Rachel Lip & Eye Set

I’m back again with another fabulous product review! This time, I’m looking at the Inspired By Rachel lip & eye set, which you may pick up at your local Claire’s boutique. On the front of the set, you’ll see a lovely picture of yours truly, as well as the WMHS logo and the ‘Music is My Life’ logo.

Upon opening the set, you’ll find another picture of this fabulous star, as well as a star mirror so that you can apply all the makeup in the set! Quite fitting, don’t you think?

Now you actually get into the different components included in this fabulous kit!

First up, you get both black and brown mascaras, perfectly encased in an argyle tube. Once again, fitting for yours truly!

Then we have a lovely tube of lipgloss,  in an argyle case as well.

Also included in the kit is an eye pencil, to help accent the look.

Finally we have 4 different eye shadows (‘Uncool, Gleeriffic, Super Gleek, and Ug-Glee), as well as ‘Team Rachel’ shimmer and a sponge applicator to apply it all.

You even get instructions on how to copy the look of this talented young ingenue! If you’re one of my loyal fans, you’ll certainly wish to pick up this kit on your next trip to Claire’s.

Stay tuned, more reviews are coming soon!



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