Glee on Twitter’s Live Chat/Episode Discussion

Hello, loyal fans,

Hopefully most of you have seen Glee’s premiere episode that just aired and you’re just as happy with it as I was.

Our first ever live chat/episode discussion will be tomorrow at 8PM EST.

I do hope each and every one of you will attend to discuss the episode, the songs, the storylines, and everything in-between.

However, there are some rules everyone must follow during the chat. If these rules are not followed, the person will be banned.


1. No bashing anyone else’s opinion on a character, storyline, etc.

2. No name-calling/bullying on other users/RPers.

3. Be respectful of other’s opinions.

4. Must stick to the topic at hand, until the topic is changed by the moderator/RPers.

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing in tomorrow’s chat:

1. Newbies (Sam, Sunshine, Coach Beiste)

2. Artie/Tina/Mike

3. Rachel/Finn

4. Rachel/Sunshine

5. Finn getting kicked off the football team

6. Sue and Will vs. Coach Beiste

7. Santana vs. Quinn

8. Favorite performance

9. Favorite quotes

10. The upcoming Britney Spears episode

I’ll provide a link to the chat a little bit before the start time. I’m Berry excited for tomorrow’s chat, and I hope you are, too!



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