Win the role of Sunshine Corazon!

Hello, one and all!

Because something has come up with the Twitter roleplayer behind Sunshine Corazon, we are now looking for someone new to take over the account.

If interested, fill out the following questionnaire and email it to me (

Since Glee is premiering tonight, you have until 7PM EST tonight to submit applications, with a winner being selected before Glee begins.

Get your entries in ASAP,





Personal Twitter (if you have one):


1) Why do you want to play the role of Sunshine Corazon?

2) How often will you be able to tweet as Sunshine Corazon?

3) Give us your best original Sunshine Corazon-style tweet.

4) Do you agree to stay in character at all times?

5) Why do you love Glee?


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