REVIEW: Claire’s Glee Jewelry Line.

Hello, one and all!

I’m here today with a review of some pieces from the Claire’s Glee jewelry line, which released in stores only 2 days ago. The amazing people at Claire’s sent me over some things to review for all of my fans, so let’s get right into it!

First up, we have a Glee necklace that says ‘Kiss My Glee’ on it.

Although I don’t see myself wearing it, the necklace is a very fun piece and you can’t help but smile when you see it. Perhaps Mercedes might sport this one day!

Next up, we have a Glee bracelet, with different images on it. Sayings like ‘Super Gleek’, ‘Gleeriffic’, ‘Music Is My Life’, and more.

This is a great piece for Gleeks who don’t want to seem too flashy with their jewelry. Simple, yet very Gleeky!

Here we have a Glee sticker set, with 12 awesome stickers of everyone’s favorite Gleeks!

This would be great for decorating your notebooks or folders at school or for sharing with your friends! Featuring almost all the characters (minus Brittany, Santana, and Mike), you can show your love for Glee everywhere you go and on everything you own!

Finally, we have a Glee pillowcase featuring Finn on one side and ‘Glee’ on the other.

Probably my favorite piece, having a Glee pillow to sleep on, in addition to featuring Finn, Gleeks everywhere will love this fabulous addition to their collection!

Final Thoughts: The Claire’s Glee jewelry line has something for everyone. From necklaces to bracelets, cell phone charms to tote bags, Gleeks will absolutely love visiting their local Claire’s and seeing the merchandise. Although some pieces may not be to your liking, I guarantee you’ll find something to show off your Gleek pride! All in all, I know Gleeks are glad they can finally express just how much they love the show, its cast, its characters, and everything that makes it so special.

I’d like to thank Claire’s for sending me these pieces for review and for embracing Glee and its wonderful fans.



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