Reviewing Glee: The Beginning, Chapters 1-4 and Other Updates.

Hello, loyal fans! Rachel Berry here! Today I’m going to be reviewing the first few chapters of the new Glee novel, Glee: The Beginning. The kind people at Little Brown books kindly sent me a free copy to review for all of my fans, because they clearly know a true star when they see one! For this review, I’m going to be focusing on chapters 1-4, and more reviews will come soon. I also have a few important updates regarding the RP group and myself. Please be aware that these reviews many contain book spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Immediately, we readers are introduced to Rachel Berry (that’s me!) at the beginning of her Sophomore year, and she’s the same driven and headstrong girl we remember from the series. The author, Sophia Lowell does a wonderful job of painting a picture of Rachel and the other characters, helping us further get connected to the world of Lima, OH.

From the first few chapters, we see Rachel struggling to find her place in high school, something most of us can relate to. After speaking with Principal Figgins, Rachel takes over the morning announcements, with hilarious results!

We also get to see Quinn, as the mean Cheerio from the very beginning of Glee, the TV series, as well as how her relationship with Finn came to be. Furthermore, we see Artie and Tina dodging their feelings for one another, Kurt and Mercedes’ friendship, Sue Sylvester being…well, Sue Sylvester, how Rachel comes to join Glee club, and so much more!

I’m heavily enjoying the novel and I can’t recommend it enough! Glee fans will love getting to see how our favorite Gleeks were before the show and it definitely helps you feel more connected to the characters. You can pick up your copy on or at bookstores everywhere.

Now, onto a few updates:

  • I’m going to be without internet for a few days while I’m here in Paris, but do not worry, I will return! I’ll miss hearing from all my adoring fans, but feel free to send me replies on Twitter and I’ll get back to you when I return from my vacation.
  • The people at Claire’s are sending me some jewelry pieces from their upcoming Glee line, which I’ll  be exclusively debuting once they arrive!

I must depart now, but I hope to hear from all of my adoring fans soon!



One thought on “Reviewing Glee: The Beginning, Chapters 1-4 and Other Updates.

  1. Ah, I LOVE the book! I wasn’t going to buy it at first, but then it was so sparkly… I had to! AND a free poster? No way I’d pass that up. Plus, I’d get to use my Glee bookmark! (Well, two, actually.) The characters are written beautifully, and very true to the show as well.

    You’re sooo lucky you’re getting all this Claire’s swag!

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