Glee ‘Hell-o’ Thoughts/Glee On Twitter Tuesday Input?

Hell-o again!

I do hope each of you has gotten to see the new episode of Glee by now. If not, you really must do so as soon as possible. As I’ll more than likely do each week, I’ll be posting some of my thoughts here regarding each new Glee episode.

So, let’s start this off with the good:

  • I absolutely loved how Rachel-centric this episode was (For obvious reasons)
  • Jon Groff and Lea Michele had amazing chemistry and their rendition of Hello was nothing short of spectacular.
  • Finn’s version of Hello, I Love You was great! I’ve never seen Cory Monteith act so sexy!
  • Gives You Hell was, by far, my favorite performance of the episode. Rachel got to put Finn in his place, as well as performing an awesome song.
  • Rachel had some very good lines this episode, both serious (“You’re a scared little boy…”) and funny (“I carry a rape whistle”).
  • It feels so good to have our Gleeks back on screen and I couldn’t be more excited for The Power of Madonna next week. Speaking of, how amazing was Sue’s Vogue?!

Now, the not so good:

  • I feel like almost everyone acted like a total jerk tonight, Will and Finn especially. I understand Will dealt with a lot in his relationship with Terri and all her lies, but that’s no excuse to jump from kissing Emma to making out with Shelby, who he just met. As for Finn, I understand his wanting to find himself excuse, but going out with Brittany and Santana the minute they ask? That’s no way to treat Rachel, who’s always been there for him.
  • The episode did feel very rushed: Finn and Rachel date, Finn and Rachel break-up, Rachel and Jesse meet, Rachel falls for Jesse, etc. It just jumped very quickly. However, I understand that the writers had a lot to cover after this 4 month hiatus.

Also, how did all of you like our first ever Glee on Twitter Tuesday? We want your feedback, so we know how we can improve or just to let us know what you liked that we did. Any and all suggestions/comments/opinions are wanted, so feel free to @reply me on Twitter with those!

Hope you enjoyed tonight,



One thought on “Glee ‘Hell-o’ Thoughts/Glee On Twitter Tuesday Input?

  1. Comment on the Shelby makeout… I didn’t think Will was necessarily wrong, just because like, he never said that he was exclusive with Emma (but I guess it was implied.) Maybe I just feel that way because I’m not very partial with Wemma. Lol, what’s with me and not liking canon couples on the show? Sometimes I think I’m on crack or something.

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