An Issue That Needs Addressing.

Hello again, Gleeks! Only 27 days left til Glee returns and I know all of you are excited about that! Thank you all for the support and for following along with me and my fellow RPers.

Now, onto the not so fun stuff. I’ve had some issues lately with certain people hating on the RP group, as well as my portrayal of Rachel Berry. I have always made it my goal to tweet as close to the actual Rachel Berry would, if she were an actual person. Everyone knows Rachel is sometimes conceited, bossy, and rude, she even says so herself. So when I tweet something people don’t like, it’s only me trying to be true to the character of Rachel.

Also, the contests we have for different Glee RP roles is to make sure that each person sticks true to their character, not to try being exclusive or leaving people out. We’re all just trying to stay true to Glee and its brilliant characters.

I know I say this all the time, but thank you to each and every person on Twitter/Facebook who enjoys what we are doing and tweets along with us. It means so much!

There will always be one person who tries to ruin the fun, but I will never let it ruin that for me.

I love all of you fellow Gleeks so much, always remember that.



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