CONTEST: Win the role of @JesseGlee

It’s that time again, Gleeks! Another contest. This time, you can win the role of @JesseGlee!

This is a very exciting contest, considering that Jesse is sure to cause some friction between Rachel/Finn and even more of the Glee club members, I’m sure. It will also be fun to sort of create the role until he actually airs on the show.

Like last time, the contest will be judged based on answers to the questions below. Good luck to all of you!

The contest will end March 4th, 2010. Please send all entries to Once again, all of us Glee RPers wish you luck!


  1. Why do you want to portray the role of @JesseGlee on Twitter?
  2. How do you picture Jesse’s character on the show? List any traits, personality, etc. you think would be seen from him.
  3. How often will you be able to tweet as @JesseGlee?
  4. What do you think you will bring to the role @JesseGlee and our Glee RP group?
  5. Do you follow the Glee RPs on Twitter and/or Facebook?

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